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Ryo Mizunagi is the author and illustrator of the manga series Witchcraft Works. From March 2010 to February 2022, it was serialized in the seinen manga magazine Good! Afternoon by Kodansha and the chapters were collected into seventeen tank volumes. From January to March of 2014, Japan had an anime television series adaption by J.C.Staff.

Honoka Takamiya appears to be a typical high school student, yet she is anything but. However, Ayaka Kagari, the school’s attractive idol and self-proclaimed “princess,” is his primary source of stress. The mere fact that Honoka sits next to Ayaka in class and participates in the same classroom housekeeping responsibilities as she does leads to her Fanclub beating up Honoka.

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Witch Craft Works Season 2 Storyline

Honoka Takamiya is a typical high school student. He rides the same bus every day with Kagari, a girl he refers to as “the princess” at school who is nearly universally adored by her peers. Despite sharing a desk alongside Kagari in school, the two never spoke a word. Takamiya would be tormented by the princess’ fan club even for the tiniest of differences between them.

Takamiya is playing in the schoolyard one day when a section of the building collapses on top of him. Takamiya, fearing for his life, is saved by Kagari. Kagari, on the other hand, is dressed like a witch and perched atop a broomstick. This time, the warrior rabbits attack Takamiya without Takamiya having an opportunity to comprehend what transpired.

Takamiya is told by Kagari, who also set fire to them, that she will no longer have to keep a low profile in order to protect him. They begin their mystery relationship, but others at school aren’t pleased about it. They don’t want to see the princess with someone like that, but she doesn’t intend to leave her “master”. This party has no intention of releasing Takamiya, though. Takamiya will get a group of five witches as new students. As a result, the plot begins to form.

With time, Honoka and Ayaka begin to get along better and better. Honoka, who is usually doing his schoolwork, is suddenly attacked by a weird creature. It’s Ayaka, the Workshop Witch, who comes to his rescue. She has always been there for him since then, shielding him from any hazards.

There has been a long-running feud between the Witches of the Workshop and the Witches of the Tower. Being caught in the middle of this battle, Honoka does everything in his power to aid Ayaka. Workshop Witches have a duty to defend the general public against the Tower Witches.

Witch Craft Works Season 2 Cast And Characters

Witch Craft Works Season 2 Casts
Witch Craft Works Season 2 Casts

Kobayashi, Yuusuke

Yosuke Kobayashi is a Japanese voice actor who hails from Tokyo. He’s a part of Yu-rin Pro’s team. He was named Best New Actor at the 11th Seiyu Awards in 2017. He is 1.64 m tall and was born in Tokyo.

Izawa, Shiori

Shiori Izawa is a Japanese voice actress who hails from the prefecture of Saitama. Her full name is Izawa Shiori, and she was born on February 1, 1987.

Kugimiya Rie

Rie Kugimiya is a well-known voice actress as well as a singer in Japan. Her voice works in anime, such as that of Alphonse Elric in the Fullmetal Alchemist series, Kiana in Honkai Impact 3rd, Kagura in Gin Tama, and Happy in Fairy Tail and Edens Zero, have brought her the lion’s share of her fame.

Other Casts: Ohara Sayaka, Shirai Yuusuke

Witch Craft Works Season 2  Release Date

Fans of anime have been patiently waiting for years for the second season of their favorite show, even if it has not yet been shown. Therefore, despite the passage of time, is it still possible for the anime to have a second season? First, let’s review the storyline of an anime, and then we’ll discuss what we know about the second season so far.

Witch Craft Works Season 2 Trailer

Final Words

Witch Craft Works Season 2 has yet to receive any official word from publishers or anybody else, although it’s worth noting that many manga volumes are still unread and might be used for season 2.

There is a 90% likelihood that there will be a second season based on the fact that manga volumes are accessible and the anime was a success. If all goes according to plan, the second season of Witch Craft Works will premiere in 2023.

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Many peoples want to know about the upper moon demon 4. Today, I will cover all the facts for upper moon 4.  So, let’s begin without any delay.

Upper Moon 4  Hantengu Backstory 

Hantengu (半天狗 Hantengu) is one of the most famous among the Twelve Demon Moons. He still held the position of Upper Moon 4 before he was murdered and replaced by Nakime in the Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) series. Hantengu has several personalities and emotions shown in his clones.

 No doubt, hantengu himself was nothing but an avatar of fear and cowardice himself. At the time of his human life, hantengu use use his age and condition as an excuse and trying to escape his crimes and blaming to anyone for anything, even if he has his hand.  After turning into Demon, hantengu holds his human trait.

Hantengu is such a cruel that he killed many peoples and blamed others but pretend like he was still a kind person. He relays on himself that he is completely innocent as a human. He was famous to murdered for his committed. He stole many innocent peoples and killed them in their town or city. Sometimes he tried to cheat people just because they were innocent. He promised that he never commit any crime in the future. He says that his hand is only to blame for his crimes. It is also said that hantengu was mentally unstable.

He was noticed by a high-ranked magistrate who decided to punish him with death. Magistrate caught hantengu with wrong sins. Hantengu is approached by Muzan Kibutsuji and offers help after watching his kindful condition.

Muzan tray to give him some of his blood by transferring him into a demon. And, after his transformation, he successfully escaped the prison and try to kill who made committed his death. But when he wants to be killed in front of the magistrate made a conversation with hantemgu that “killing me doesn’t matter because your sins can lead your future destruction”.

Hantengu offered a meeting for upper rank. He rerevised his colleague Gokyo. Over the many years, since they last met. The number 113 which unnerved hantengo as struck doma destroying the latter’s jaw. Hantengu fulled in fear later bowed timidly as muzak kibutsuji arrived. He listened that his leader revealed the death of Gyotaro and berated everyone presents for their uselessness which cause the upper rank to beg for his forgiveness.

Then, handing quickly acknowledged Muzan’s order for him. Kyoko to head over to an unknown location once the latter confirmed his newfound lead. Later, Akaza destroyed the upper portion of the dome’s head only to get his hand lopped off by kokushibo. Which causes handing to cover in fear and apprehension even letting out a sharp cry. Afterward, he and Kyoko were transported to their destination by the Biwa Demon.

At the swordsmith’s village, handing crawled onto the roof of a building eager to fulfill their mission to avoid man’s wrath. He encountered Tenjiro and Muichiro Tokido shortly. Thereafter swiftly avoiding an attack from the latter, he dodged a follow-up attack from tengiro only to be kicked by Mizuko. His head was then severed by another attack by muichiro causing him to regenerate into two different demons Sakido and Koraku. As Junichiro and Sanjuro attempted to attack these newcomers, karaku blew muichiro far into the distance with a single wave of his uchiwa fan. The two then confronted tanjiro and nezuko briefly exchanging biting comments at each other with sakido.

Then, attacking tonjero with the burst of electricity from his kakara staff. The two failed to notice Genya approaching them from behind with a gun. Genya’s shot was true decapitating sequito but failed to completely do the same to karaku much to the letter’s amusement. The young demon slayer finished the job

using his sword but the two then turned into four one of the new demons. Reminiscent of a tengu grabbed tanjiro by the leg and flew off with him while the other impaled Genya with a Jumanji yari. The former congratulated tanjiro on figuring out their strategy while the latter commented on Genya’s weakness

Kanjiro urged Nezuko to help Genya prompting his abductor to reprimand him for this. Before firing a concussive blast of sound at the demon’s lair. The tengu-like version of hantengu was surprised to find that his opponent had hacked off the leg holding them from which ahead then grew from the severed

limb to fire a sound blast. At the shocking injury, the disembodied head of the tengu-like handing was swiftly cut in two by Sanjuro which turned into two mouths that fired their sound blasts at him.

However, their attack power had been lessened due to so many divisions leading Sanjuro to be able to cut them once more. The main body of tengu hantengu appeared behind the young demon slayer firing another sound blast which was dodged but follow up again by a vicious claw attack on tangier’s chest.

The hantengu bragged about the sharpness of his simmered promising to carve up the young demon slayer only to discover the youth had already sliced his face in two as tanjiro prepared a follow-up attack.

Tengu hantengu attempted to fire the sound blast once more only to have his jaw cut off the final blow in coming karaku held back a transformed nezuko taunting her while saquido told him to finish her off. The yari wielding hantengu izetsu offered to finish her off only to discover he couldn’t pull his weapon out of Kenya who promptly shot izetsu’s head into bits.

The yari-wielding handing then pulled his weapon out and slashed Genya across the chest regenerating his head isetsu reprimanded his opponent for not dying immediately, then noticed that Kenya had begun to pray.

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Shinji Horikiri, Kosuke Suzuki, and Hiroto Kumagai created the Japanese anime television series Skip Beat, which was directed by Kiyoko Sayama. The teenage girl realizes that her love interest is only exploiting her and doesn’t truly care about her in the show’s plot. In total, it aired for 25 episodes between October 5, 2008, and July 12, 2009.

The show has received worldwide acclaim. People of different ages and origins have applauded and watched the show, proving that it transcends national and geographic barriers. It’s even gotten great reviews from reviewers and has a tonne of praise online. This anime’s storyline is what sets it apart from other offerings in its genre.

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Skip Beat Season 2 Storyline

Kyoko Mogami, a 16-year-old high school student, is infatuated with her childhood friend, Shotaro Fuwa. In spite of this, he snubs her. Shotaro was apprehensive about taking over his parents’ business because he aspires to be a professional musician rather than an entrepreneur.

His plan requires that Kyoko flee away from her family and school, so he proposes that she join him in Tokyo instead. She doesn’t give a damn about herself in Tokyo because she’s doing everything she can to aid Sho. He finally rises to fame as one of Japan’s most well-known figures.

At one point, she overhears Sho describing Kyoko to his management as a “boring and unsophisticated girl” with no prospects for a future with him. Furthermore, he makes overtures to her boss.

She finds out he simply wanted her for cleaning duties and is shocked. Instead of mourning him, she decided to avenge her own death. She was well aware that in order to do so, she would have to surpass him in terms of fame.

She underwent a dramatic change of appearance and entered the entertainment sector, where she encountered a number of challenges. It turns out, though, that she has always liked performing and is continuing to grow both as a person and as an actress as a result.

Skip Beat Season 2 Casts And Characters

Skip Beat Season 2 Casts
Skip Beat Season 2 Casts

Miyano Mamoru

He is a Japanese actor and singer, Mamoru Miyano. For his parts in Steins; Gate and Durarara!! ; Death Note; Soul Eater; Wolf’s Rain; Ouran High School Host Club; Ajin: Demi-Human; and Fullmetal Alchemist, he is well-known.

George Grant

George E. Grant is a Presbyterian minister and author from the United States of America. For the past ten years, he has served as a pastor and church planter in Texas. Following his time at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, he taught at Knox Theological Seminary and served as an assistant pastor to D. James Kennedy

Laquet Damien

French voice actor Damien Laquet works for Ubisoft. Ubisoft Motion Pictures has acknowledged him as a voice actor, citing his work on Rabbids Invasion and the Futuroscope ride as examples of his previous work there. and potentially the impending Rabbids

Inoue Marina

Marina Inoue is a Japanese voice actress and singer from Tokyo, Japan. Aoni Production is where she works. She was signed under Aniplex till 2007. She was chosen for the lead role in the anime Le Portrait de Petit Cossette from among more than 2,000 applicants in the “Gonna be a star” auditions.

Other Casts: Hostekint Justine, Glass Caitlin, Konishi Katsuyuki

Skip Beat Season 2 Release Date

It’s been more than a decade since the first season of the Skip Beat was released. Season 2 of the show is still not published and fans are still hopeful they may watch season 2 of their favorite anime.

Skip Beat Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we were unable to locate the show’s trailer on YouTube. There can’t be a season 2 trailer because there hasn’t been any news about the show’s second season. However, we have given you a heads-up on the show’s storyline.


In case, you found the plot of the program really interesting and wish to see the show, we have got you as we will inform you where you might view this show. You can watch Skip Beat on Crunchyroll for free. As of now, it’s time for us to say farewell to you all. However, we will meet again with the fresh article on another show very soon. Till then, watch this show and let us know what you think of this in the comment box. Happy Watching!

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The manga’s latest chapter, titled “Bushido is the Way of Death,” in Chapter 1036. Zoro ultimately defeats King in this chapter. After the defeat of both the King and Queen, the war’s outcome is determined by Big Mom vs. Kid a Law and Kaidou vs. Luffy. If Luffy triumphs, Onigashima will collide with the capital, leaving Yamato and Momonosuke to save thousands of lives.

Luffy’s combat with Kaidou was finally mentioned, and they appear to be on an equal footing. Will Luffy eventually vanquish Kaidou and ascend to the position of pirate king? We’ll learn more in the following chapter of One Piece.

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One Piece 1037 Raw Storyline

The fight between Luffy and Kaidou will resume in the following chapter, but it will most likely not be resolved until everyone else’s bouts are ended.

We’ll receive an update on Big Mom vs. Law and Kid, but it won’t be resolved in a single chapter, since Big Mom still has considerable power.

Additionally, the CP0 agents will approach Robin, and their final battle may occur, with Robin and Brook finally defeating the agents.

Additionally, in King’s flashback, we saw him promising Kaidou that as long as he remains the greatest pirate, King will never lose a battle. His failure over Zoro may indicate that Kaidou is no longer the strongest.

One Piece 1037 Raw Casts And Characters

One Piece 1037 Raw Casts
One Piece 1037 Raw Casts

Bella Hudson

Erica Schroeder is an American voice actor best known for her performance as Elvira in the Netflix animated feature Secret Magic Control Agency, which debuted at number one on the Netflix global rankings in April 2021.

David Moo

David Benjamin Moo is a bartender, bar owner, and former voice actor from the United States. He has previously worked with 4Kids Entertainment, Central Park Media, NYAV Post, and TAJ Productions.

Jason Griffith

Known for his work with NYAV Post, 4K Media, and DuArt Film, Jason Griffith is an American voice actor. From 2005 until 2010, he was best known for his work as Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog in the English dub of Sonic X.

Kerry Williams

Among the companies, she has worked with are 4Kids Entertainment, Central Park Media, TAJ Productions, and DuArt Film and Video. Kerry Williams Originally from Virginia, she has worked as a dancer in Florida, Japan, and California before moving to New York City to pursue a career in voice acting.

Other Casts: Lisa Ortiz, Marc Diraison, Veronica Taylor

One Piece 1037 Raw Release Date

On Sunday, January 16, 2022, a new chapter of the One Piece manga was released. Sunday’s Shonen Jump magazine publishes the One Piece manga series.

One Piece 1036 Raw Recap

We resume up right where we left off in Chapter 1035, with Zoro dealing the death blow to King. As he plummets to the ground, his thoughts return to his exchange with Kaidou. In response to this, his captain asks him if the world he’s building is actually the one he wants.

King responds that he doesn’t need anything from Kaidou because he owns his life. Only the strongest will do, and Kaidou’s life is in his hands. He swears to never lose any combat, and he’ll make Kaidou Pirate King of the World!

Similarly, Zoro recalls the time when he told Luffy that he would never lose again. As promised to Luffy, Zoro defeats King in the last attack, completing his pledge.

There are still two monsters in the combat that might make Sanji and Zoro’s wins pointless, a masked CP0 member is told by a Mary. Big Mom and Kaidou are the antagonists in this battle between Kid & Law and Luffy.

In the event that Luffy beats Kaidou, Onigashima Island will fall on the capital and explode, destroying it. Animal Kingdom Pirates, led by Usopp on the second story of the castle, are on the prowl for the Akazaya Samurai and the Straw Hats. But when Kin’emon begs him to help him escape, he’s met with an unexpected response: Kiku denies leaving.

On the other side, Usopp exclaims that he’s going to save his own skin by leaving them both. When they ask him about his dislike for the culture of samurai, he explains that he doesn’t care what it looks like when he flees to save his own life.

So bursts into the fray just as he’s going to be surrounded and knocks down the pirates. In the meantime, Usopp and Hamlet have made their escape.

One Piece 1037 Raw Trailer


Young Monkey D. Luffy, who aspires to be the world’s best pirate, also travels to the Grand Line in quest of One Piece. Along the voyage, he’ll be accompanied by a team that includes a medic, archaeologist, cyborg-shipwright, navigator, and a swordsman.

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An ecchi anime’s story character development and plot surprises are all things you never expect from a show of this caliber. An anime like ‘Campione happens every now and again, defying all the rules and stereotypes associated with a particular style. Those who like ecchi and fanservice will enjoy it, but it also has some great action and a fascinating plot.

While ‘Campione!’ isn’t necessarily one of the best animes ever made, it is one of the most innovative and represents a unique approach to storytelling that has never been seen before. There isn’t much to the plot, and it won’t make you cry or make you feel good about yourself, so don’t expect that. In comparison to other stories in this genre, its distinctiveness stems from the fact that it is coherent.

Even while there is a lot of fan service, it doesn’t appear to consume the whole show. This is a far cry from other ecchi anime, where the fan service is overbearing in every scene. In the present, there is always a reason for the fanservice, especially the kissing. ‘Campione!’ is a perfect example of how anime fan service should be done.

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Campione Season 2 Plot

While many individuals seek religion, Kasunagi Godou, a 16-year-old high school student, found it by chance. Because of this, he is now known as the “Campione! (God Slayer) or the God of War’s conqueror. At the cost of those who reside there, he is tasked with fighting every God who tries to change things in his region.

He’s basically a god who guards the people he cares about from other gods’ bad intentions. The reward for his hard work will be a position in heaven for him in the afterlife. The work entails far more than just that, and he will face numerous difficulties during his eternal voyage.

As a result, he’s attracted a sizable number of female devotees who regard him as a more elevated religious figure to whom they feel compelled to submit. Erica Blandelli, a demonically manipulative swordswoman, is one of these ardent followers. She seems to have a great attraction to him and expresses it openly. Because she appears to have “devilish hobbies,” this frequently leads to awkward interactions between the two of them. In ‘Campione!,’ a normal high schooler is thrown into the world of magic, angelic affairs, and demigod harems by circumstances beyond his control.

campione season 2 release date
campione season 2 release date

Campione Season 2 Cast and Characters


Lilium and Lililion are Latin words that both mean “lily” in English. Liliana is derived from the Latin word ‘lilium’ Because of this, the name “innocent” and “pure” are synonymous with it. The name is more frequent in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese than in North America. The following are some notable persons and fictional characters with the name:

Yuri Mariya

Yuri Mariya, another female Hime-Miko character, appears in the show. Many of her classmates adore her for her charming, innocent attitude, despite her shyness. Even when she is irate or agitated, it is difficult to know if she is being rude or just furious. She prefers to avoid conflict and adheres to a tight set of moral standards. She is able to maintain a cheerful outlook even in the direst of circumstances because she has excellent emotional self-control.

Erica Blandelli

She’s known as a “Great Knight,” one of the show’s key female heroes. Short, straight blonde hair and gorgeous deep blue eyes make her a sweet young lady to be around. During battles, she demonstrates an unwavering will and a tremendous amount of guts. Her feelings for Godou Kusanagi are just as strong as those of most of the other anime’s female characters, and she openly declares her love for him to him.

She has vowed to be his “sword and armor” and to stick by him at all times. She is the type of person that will not allow anything or anyone to stand in her way if she truly desires something. However, when she decides to share Kusanagi with other girls, she contradicts herself and is fine with it as long as she remains in his heart.

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Campione Season 2 Release Date

If the second season of Campione is ever released, it will most likely be at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. This is due to the fact that most anime studios have a number of episodes planned for the rest of this year and the following year. I’m sure that the following season will be streamed via Crunchyroll as well.

Campione Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer of Campione season 2 hasn’t arrived yet we have given a fan-made trailer below, this video is only for informative purposes.

Final Words

Hope you like our article, if you do so do share this with your friends who are only fond of this series. We are eagerly waiting for season 2 to show your excitement and expectation about it in our comment section. Till then you can explore our website for more related information like this on

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Plunderer is a fantasy-anime program that features Japanese ecchi action and fantasy elements. It is a film adaptation of a manga series by Suu Minazuki with a similar title to the film. Animation for the Studio Geek Toys’ opening installation was handled by the company. The premiere took place on the 9th of January 2020. By the end of the same year, on June 25, the total number of episodes had reached 24 for the first time. Because of this, its fans all around the world have been anticipating the return of this program.

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The action of the story takes place in a magical land. Every individual has a unique number tattooed on his or her body from birth. The individual’s desire or belief is represented by the “number.” In other words, if an individual takes any action to deepen his or her belief or desire, the number will continue to rise, and vice versa. Individuals are transported to Hell after the total number of individuals hits zero. It is considered to be worse than death by some. The fact that persons with fewer counts should always obey the directives of those with higher counts is another significant aspect of the system.

Plunderer Season 2 Plot

Each individual’s worth is determined by an unusual “Check” etched somewhere on their body, which characterizes any number associated with a key part of their lives. Regardless, if this Count decreases to zero, the individual will be pulled down into “the chasm,” where he or she is presumed to be dead for all time.

Hina’s Count corresponds to the number of kilometers she has walked in a certain time period. Since the day her mother was dragged into the void, she has spent the last five years searching for the Legendary Ace from her mother’s dying longing, which she has finally found. Hina’s troubled journey takes an unexpected turn as she comes face to face with a unique covered knight known as Licht Bach, who bears a negative-numbered Count.

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The Cast of Plunderer Season 

Alexandrov Grigorovich

Alexandrov, a middle-aged man, has a scar on his face that extends across his entire upper lip. He’s dressed in full military regalia. Slicked back, some of his black hair has.

Asumi Sumiya

Plunderer’s Sumitani Asumi (Funimation’s Sumiya Asumi) is a new character. This person is one of the thirteen “Special Ones.”

  • Licht Bach/ Rihito Sakai will be voiced by Yoshiki Nakajima
  • Hina Farrow will once again be voiced by Rina Honnizumi
  • Lynn May will be voiced by Ari Ozawa
  • Pele Poporo/Gespenst Zerlegen will be voiced by Aoi Ichikawa
  • Jail Murdoch will be voiced by Yūichirō Umehara
  • Nana Bassler will be voiced by Shizuka Itō
  • Mizuka Sonohara will be voiced by Aoi Yūki
  • Alexandrov Grigorovich / Alan will be voiced by Hiroki Tōchi
  • Schmerman Bach will be voiced by Toshihiko Seki
  • Friends will be voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi
  • Taketa Doan will be voiced by Satoshi Hino
  • Tokikaze Sakai will be voiced by Kaito Ishikawa
  • Saki Ichinose will be voiced by Miyu Kubota
  • Genji Akui will be voiced by Yohei Azakami
  • Kyouhei Suda will be voiced by: Tomohito Takatsuka
  • Asumi Sumiya will be voiced by Yukimi Hayase
  • Kyouka Narumiya will be voiced by Tamaki Orie

Once the show is renewed for a second season, which may or may not continues the tale, we may expect to see the main characters’ voice actors reprise their roles in the show. These include Licht Bach, who is voiced by Yoshiki Nakajima, Hina, who is voiced by Rina Honnizumi, and Lynn May, who is voiced by Ari Ozawa among others. Along with Aoi Ichikawa providing the voice of Pele Poporo and Yichiro Umehara providing the voice of Jail Murdoch, there are several other voice actors.

The other members of the supporting cast are Shizuka Ito as Nana Bassler, Aoi Yki as Mizuka Sonohara, and Hiroki Tch as Alexandrov Grigorovich. Finally, the cast may include Toshihiko Seki, who will portray Schmerman Bach, Kotono Mitsuishi, who will portray Frienda, and Satoshi Hino, who will portray Taketaro Doan.

If and when the Plunderer Season 2 Release Date and Plot Details are officially released by the developers, we will keep you posted on the latest information. The Greek Toys studio is one of the more up-and-coming studios, having produced only three anime so far under its belt. Because Plunderer has been the most successful, it’s possible that they’re taking precautionary measures with it. So keep checking back to Otakukart for more information about entertainment, anime, television, movies, and gaming!

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Plunderer Season 2 Release Date

As of right present, neither the studio nor any of the cast and crew have acknowledged or denied the existence of Plunderer season 2. Since the completion of the first season, we haven’t heard a single word about a second season, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a second installment. To be patient and await future announcements, fans must remain calm.

Plunderer Season 2 Trailer

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The third season of Demon Slayer has been revealed, and even at this early stage, there is a surprising amount of information available. Who will appear in the upcoming season, and whose manga chapters will it be based on, have already been revealed to the public. Not only that, but we have an actual title: Demon Slayer season 3 is the Swordsmith Village arc, which corresponds with the first teaser trailer.

That may not sound very interesting, but as you’ll soon discover, it’s the next step in expanding the world of demons and the Demon Slayer Corps, as well as providing more opportunities for Tanjiro to grow and, yes, fantastic fight scenes. So, take a deep breath and read on to find out what we already know about Demon Slayer season 3. Also, check out our guide to Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 for more information. If you’re still playing catch-up, here’s how to watch Demon Slayer in its correct order.

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Demon Slayer Season 3 Storyline

The third season of Demon Slayer is now called the Swordsmith Village Arc. Not to worry, we won’t reveal anything about the source material, but we expect it to cover chapters 100-127 of the manga in this episode. Entertainment District Arc covered the same range from 70 to 99, therefore this is likely to be a 12-episode season, give or take a few episodes.

Unless there are significant deviations, Tanjiro should visit Swordsmith Village to obtain a new weapon. As luck would have it, the village is home to an old weapon. However, the story involving the Love and Mist Hashiras, as well as one or more demons, is not quite so straightforward.

It was also revealed at the finale of the Entertainment District that the show is likely to follow a different path after season 3. Tengen is off the board, but he is still alive and well. She should be his replacement for Hahira, he told Ishiguro. Tanjiro is the most likely choice for the job. When the Demon Slayers get to that point, they can finally strike back at their main target, Muzan Kibutsuji.

Demon Slayer Season 3 Cast: Who Are The New Characters and Demons?

The Swordsmith Village arc cast includes Natsuki Hanae’s Tanjiro, Hiro Shimono’s Zenitsu, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka’s Inosuke, and Akari Kitou’s Nezuko.

Natsuki Hanae –

Natsuki Hanae is a voice actor from Japan. He is a part of the Across Entertainment network. He is most known for his role as Tanjiro Kamado in Demon Slayer.

Hiro Shimono –

Hiro Shimono is a Japanese voice actor and singer affiliated with them I’m Enterprise label. It’s worth noting that he’s appeared in films like RahXephon, Baka and Test, Yosuga no Sora, and Yoshii as well as other roles such as Ayato Kamina and so on.

Demon Slayer Season 3 Cast
Demon Slayer Season 3 Cast

The Mist Hashira Muichiro Tokito and the Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanji, both of whom we’ve already seen in the series, will be joining them. Also, expect more of the Hashiras and members of the Twelve Upper Moons/Twelve Kibuki to show up in the future, as well. It has been announced that Haruo Satozaki would be directing the film, with character design duties going to Akira Matsushima.

When Is The ‘demon Slayer’ Season 3 Release Date?

No official release date has been set for the third season of Demon Slayer, which is a disappointment for fans. According to Forbes, the upcoming season would include approximately 25 episodes of the anime series. However, some fans predict that the season will be more than 10 episodes. To tell the complete story, it’s estimated that 20 episodes will be required.

The next episode of Demon Slayer will follow the manga’s Swordsmith Village storyline, according to the anime’s Twitter feed. We will be able to observe the Love and Mist Hashiras, Matsuri Kanroji, and Muichiro Tokito in action. Without giving anything away, this arc follows Tanjiro as he travels to the Swordsmith Village because Hotaru Haganezuka, the guy who usually maintains his sword, is sick and tired of dealing with him. While Tanjiro is in the village, he meets the Hashiras and learns a new technique to practice and strengthen himself while he waits for his repairs to be completed. Besides, there’s a demon in the area ready to get into trouble, so that’s not a good thing.

Demon Slayer Season 3 Trailer

New footage for the third season of Demon Slayer was shown on April 16, 2022. The opening 2:50 minutes of the teaser are dedicated to showcasing some of the best moments from the anime’s previous seasons. After that, we see the first look at the next season of Demon Slayer in the trailer, which comes after that.

The trailer begins with Hotaru working on a new sword, maybe for Tanjiro. Following that, we see Mitsuri Kanroji and Muichiro Tokito, the Hashiras who will play an important role in the Swordsmith Village Arc. Finally, we get a glimpse of Tanjiro fighting with his new sword. Finally, we are even more excited for the next season of Demon Slayer when seeing the new trailer.

Final Words

Only the first season of Demon Slayer is now accessible on Netflix, and that is only in the subtitled version. You’ll have to go to either Crunchyroll or Hulu if you want to view anything else. Crunchyroll currently contains both seasons, the Mugen Train movie, and the Mugen Train arc, which provides a little more background and depth than the film. Except for the movie, Hulu has it all.

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As Netflix’s catalog grows and changes, some beloved anime series will no longer be available. In May, we’ll bid farewell to three beloved anime series as Netflix libraries throughout the world phase them out.

Which Netflix anime series will be ending soon?

As of May 2022, three well-known anime series will no longer be available on Netflix.

  • One Season of Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun (May 1st, 2022)
  • In May 2022, Parasyte: The Maxim will end its one-season run.
  • On May 15th, 2022, Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas will conclude its first season.

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Netflix’s US version of Monthly Girls’ Nozaki Kun has been available since September 2020 and is currently streaming in 10 other countries. Japan is the only region that still has anime on Netflix.


As of September 2020, The Maxim can be watched on Netflix in the United States and ten other countries around the world. The animation will only be available on Netflix Japan.

Although it’s just been available to watch on Netflix in the United States since August 2020, Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas may be seen for over four years in other countries like the United Kingdom. Only Japan will keep the anime series, which will be removed from libraries in 31 countries.

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My favorite anime shows aren’t showing up anywhere else to watch.

Streaming all three of the Monthly Girls Kun, Parasyte: The Maxim, and Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas on Crunchyroll requires a premium membership.

Is Netflix going to bring back the anime shows?

Even if none of the three anime series come to Netflix in the near future, there’s still a chance they may.

It’s possible that all three of these shows will be renewed before their respective runs conclude in May.

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All you need to know about the upcoming Another World With My Smartphone Season 2  anime series has been revealed.

In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2 is a popular Japanese light novel written and illustrated by Patora Fuyuhara. Touya Mochizuki, a young boy, is accidentally killed by God in the novel. God sends Touya into a fantasy world, where he can use his phone, as an apology.

In addition, Touya gains insane magical abilities that allow him to do things that other people simply can’t accomplish. With all of this, Touya made many new friends and traveled to various countries to learn more about this strange new world.

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In addition to the manga series, Production Reed has picked up the story for an anime adaptation for In Another World With My Smartphone. An anime series that debuted in 2017 has been renewed for a second season by the studio that produced it.

In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2

Production Reed officially announced the second season of In Another World With My Smartphone on April 15th, 2022. The news is accompanied by a new teaser image featuring two of the show’s central characters. The teaser is here for your viewing pleasure:

The first season of In Another World With My Smartphone has been given the green light by Production Reed for the time being. It is likely that more time will pass before we learn when the next season will be released. While you wait for the second season of the anime TV series to begin, you may catch up on the first season on Crunchyroll.

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Prior to the television anime A Couple of Cuckoos (Kakk no Iinazuke) debuting on April 23, Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine conducted its inaugural heroine popularity contest. To be announced alongside the results of the contest, a “solo photo collection” for the winner will be published.

In addition, the magazine published images of Erika Amano, Hiro Segawa, Sachi Umino, and Ai Mochizuki’s wedding ceremonies.

Kodansha Weekly Shonen Magazine debuted Miki Yoshikawa’s A Couple of Cuckoos (Kakk no Iinazuke) manga in January 2020, starring Yankee-kun and Megane-chan. The romantic comedy is published in English by Kodansha Comics, and it is described as follows:

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Super student 16 years old Nagi Umino, a sophomore at Megurogawa Academy, was born to the wrong parents. The boisterous, opinionated, Erika Amano is determined to make Nagi her fake lover as she never wants to marry, so she bumps into him on his way to a dinner to meet his birth parents.

After making it to supper, Nagi discovers that his parents had resolved the hospital switch by marrying the daughter he was raised by…who happens to be none other than Erika herself!

On the 23rd of April, the anime will air as part of the NUMAnimation block on TV Asahi and its affiliates. Outside of Japan, the anime will be streamed through Crunchyroll. There will be no breaks between the anime’s two cours (quarters). It has been announced that the Kakko no Iikagen miniseries will launch on Kadokawa Anime’s YouTube page on April 28.

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