Evil West Release Date: Confirmed Or Not?


Flying Wild Hog and Focus Entertainment will soon release their action-adventure video game Evil West. Expect the game on November 22, 2022, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox 360 S, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Forbidden monsters threaten the American frontier, and it is up to Jesse Rentier, one of the last agents of a secret vampire-hunting organization, to keep them at bay.

Polish studio Flying Wild Hog, creators of the Shadow Warrior series, are working on their next project, Evil West. The third-person perspective and melee fighting were influenced by God of War (2018), while the combo system owed a debt to the Devil May Cry series.

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Except for Trek to Yomi, the gameplay is front and center in Evil West, just as in all of their previous games. The game takes place in the third person and has a variety of melee and ranged attacks. You’ll be able to use guns, lightning gauntlets, and other weapons to wipe the floor with your foes. The shooting from a distance appears standard, but the combat up close looks exciting.

Quick and sleek, the melee combos seem like they pack a satisfying wallop and leave a trail of blood in their wake. A well-placed uppercut can throw an opponent, and subsequent pistol shots can be used to juggle them. Depending on the type of foe or weapon, the finishing move can also look fantastic. Jesse has the ability to block or dodge an attack, leaving himself vulnerable and transforming into lightning temporarily.

Even though nothing is ever shown or explained, we know that there is a leveling system that grants access to additional features. You’ll be able to improve your weapons and equipment throughout the game, albeit just how is still a mystery.

In the first scene, we see Jesse and his accomplice ride up to a magnificent home, presumably to present to Jesse’s father. As Jesse enters, he is met by the looming presence of a giant zeppelin. This area does not involve any battle, so feel free to explore it, look for items, and use your Bucks to buy whatever you like.

Evil West
Evil West

In addition to your level, Bucks, and a single cryptic icon, this screen’s upgrade options include Character, Upgrades, Perks, Lore, and Game. You can improve your revolver, gauntlet, and tools under the first tab in the upgrades menu. Do Not Disturb renders Jesse immune to harm for five seconds after he has healed, and Midair Shot allows him to shoot his foes quickly after launching them with an uppercut for extra damage.

You don’t have to be near a specific NPC to make an upgrade purchase; instead, you can make these purchases at any time from the main menu (if you have enough Bucks, of course).

Immediately following a brief intermission, the main story begins. Jesse immediately demonstrates a new move, a snatch-like technique that involves using his gauntlet to draw an opponent near before unleashing a flurry of melee attacks. You can switch from first-person physical combat to third-person shooting at any time. Bucks appear to be random drops rather than a reward for killing enemies.

The user interface consists of a health bar, a secondary bar below that seems to charge with each enemy slain, and two quick-select diamonds; there is no mini-map or anything else. You can use the TNT in the surroundings to your advantage because it explodes when fired, dealing area-of-effect damage.

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Evil West Release Date

On November 22, 2022, Evil West will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. You play as the final operatives of a secret vampire hunting institute in a stylized Wild West universe where stories and tales are recounted. The game’s original release date video shows off the frantic, visceral. Gory combat, you’ll find yourself in the center of.

Evil West Trailer

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