Evrewares Net Worth And Latest Update In 2022

On “Shark Tank,” Mark Cuban accomplished something that no one had ever done before: He struck a deal to acquire a company outright rather than make an investment in it. It turns out that the $200,000 deal to purchase the floundering novelty sticker company evREwares never materialised, despite the drama it provided for the show’s viewers. All the investors believed the business would fail when Becca Nelson and Ellie Brown, the sister cofounders of evREwares, pitched their novelty sticker company to the Sharks in the most recent episode of the sixth season.

Cuban, though, saw a chance to rebrand the brand as a source for fan gear for his NBA club, the Dallas Mavericks, using the company’s existing relationships. Nelson and Brown had an emotional chat before deciding to give up their child, but he made an offer to buy evREwares. According to ABC 11, the network’s local affiliate for the sisters’ hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, the sisters ultimately decided they couldn’t follow through with it, despite the wonderful television that resulted from the unexpected offer and accompanying tears.

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The sisters told ABC 11 that after giving it some thought, they realized they got caught up in the moment and weren’t ready to let go of their business, which creates quality wearable stickers intended for kid’s parties or fun special events. The sisters first thought their business, which had $300,000 in sales in 2013 but was on course to generate just $50,000 in 2014 because merchants decided not to place any orders, was in too much trouble to survive after Nelson stated in her ABC 11 interview, “We were berated for a solid 25 minutes.”

Since launching evREwears in 2011, Nelson and Brown said it made them reflect on “the sacrifices that you make every day with your kids, your spouse, your family, and everything.” We thought, “In the hallway, we could take all that back,” Nelson recalled. “You could feel the whole set, just the energy, alter.” According to Brown, “Mark and his staff reached out immediately following the show.” Although it was really difficult, Becca and I didn’t believe we could sell our business.

I vow to take good care of your kid and do the best I can to raise it from the dead and transform it into something amazing, Cuban said to the teary-eyed sisters on the “Shark Tank” set. Cuban was “very sweet about it,” according to Brown, when the sisters told him they had changed their minds. He even offered to be a free adviser to help turn the business around, which the sisters are more than delighted to accept.


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