Federal Prosecutors Have Extended Their Criminal Investigation Into The 6th Of January, Looking Into Rally Organising And Phoney Voters

Multiple sources tell CNN that federal criminal investigators have expanded the January 6 investigation to gather information about fundraising and organizing for the political rally held just before Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol, as well as the attempt to rig the Electoral College, vote count. A grand jury in Washington has issued subpoenas for information on the rally and the alternate slates of false electors for former President Donald Trump in swing states where he lost, according to sources, marking a significant development in the investigation.

Prosecutors were virtually solely bringing accusations against alleged rioters and members of extreme groups accused of conspiring to disrupt the 2020 presidential election’s certification until recently. A new stage of the probe focuses into a more well-connected political circle, with an enlarged investigation into the rally and bogus electors. According to one of the sources, the investigation appears to be looking at “a higher level of rally planning,” such as who was contacting with who. Before the Capitol disturbance on January 6, there were many demonstrations, and federal investigators appear to be interested in the one where Trump spoke.

Some persons who have been served with subpoenas have been looking for lawyers to assist them with their criminal defence, despite the fact that federal investigators treat them as prospective witnesses in their outreach. On Thursday, the Justice Department and a spokeswoman for the US Attorney’s office in DC, which is handling the investigation into the January 6 incident, both declined to comment. The House select committee probing the January 6 insurgency has already approached many of those people as potential witnesses, according to the sources.

The expansion of the Justice Department’s already extensive criminal investigation comes as Attorney General Merrick Garland faces mounting political pressure to investigate alleged wrongdoing by members of Trump’s inner circle. Garland stated earlier this month that the department “does not shy away from issues that are controversial, sensitive, or political,” but he has refused to answer specific questions regarding the probe that began on January 6.

“We follow the money,” Garland stated bluntly on the one-year anniversary of the attack in January. According to one source, one of the new subpoenas sought evidence about the designation and treatment of “VIP guests” at the Trump rally, an apparent reference to people who were given the ability to move closer to the stage of the event due to contacts they had. According to the source, the subpoena sought information on officials from the legislative and executive branches who were involved in the “planning or execution” of any rally or attempt to obstruct the Electoral College vote count.

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It also inquired about Trump backers’ efforts to field alternate slates of electors from critical swing states won by President Joe Biden, according to the source. State attorneys general have also expressed interest in the project, with some even referring it to the Justice Department. Prosecutors were investigating the situation, according to Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco. Two additional sources described a subpoena they are acquainted with as demanding material comparable to the subpoena issued to rally organizers by the House select committee.

The expansion of the federal criminal investigation, which is independent from the Capitol Hill investigation, was originally reported by The Washington Post and The New York Times.


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