Fernando Gil Bayona, New President Of Council Of The Association In Aragon


Gil Bayona, general director of BSH Electrical Appliances Spain, will occupy the presidency of the new APD Council that has been constituted today with 23 businessmen and executives from the region.

The council will also be made up of the Honorary President, Francisco Bono; and Honorary President of Félix Longás, while the directors are Benito Tesier Sierra, General Director of Brembo; Luis Ignacio Lucas, General Director of Caja Rural Aragón; Ricardo Carreras, Director of Grupo Carreras; Jorge Blanchard Félez, General Director of Celulosa Fabril; David Álvarez Sánchez, Partner at Deloitte; Jesús Morte Bonafonte, President of the Zaragoza Amusement Park; José Antonio Pérez Cebrián, President Advisor of Forestalia Renovables; Iñigo de Yarza López-Madrazo, Vice President of Henneo; Teresa Fernández Fortún, Director of the Companies Area of ​​Ibercaja María López Palacín, Manager of Industrias López Soriano, and Alicia Asín Pérez, CEO of Libelium.

The Board will also include Antonio Montiel López, General Director of Pikolin; Javier Luengo, Director of SAMCA; Jorge Diez Zaera, Managing Director of SARGA; Manuel Teruel Izquierdo, President of Time Weser; Juan Ferro Arranz, General Director of Teltronic; Laura Martínez Bergua, Director of Aragon at Vodafone; J.Benito Pardo, General Director of Yudigar; David Gutiérrez Diez, General Director of Caja Rural de Teruel; Pablo Martín-Retortillo Leguina, CEO of Grupo la Oscense and Javier Pardiño Pérez, Plant Director of Becton Dickinson.

Lines of action
The main lines of action planned for companies in Aragon for the coming years will focus on strengthening the membership census in the region by incorporating new companies from the region, as well as increasing the presence of Aragonese companies as partners in APD activities of a nature. national and international, as well as promoting the calendar of activities in Aragon. It is also contemplated to contribute to the growth of the business fabric in the area through activities.

The Council has approved the strategic issues to be addressed by the Association in the coming years, organizing training sessions and seminars. The key lines have been proposed with the intention of helping companies to grow, to be more competitive, to better understand the environment in which they operate. Another objective is to strengthen networking between executives of the different partner companies.


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