Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Announced

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Announced (All Latest Updates)

RPG Final Fantasy VII is a PlayStation game developed by Square in 1997. Final Fantasy VII is the series’ primary installment. In Japan, it was published by Square, whereas in other territories, it was issued by Sony Computer Entertainment. An eco-terrorist group led by mercenary Cloud Strife sets out to stop a world-conquering megacorporation from harvesting the planet’s life essence for use as a fuel source. Originally intended for the Super Famicom, development began in 1994.

Square changed production from real-time rendering platforms to pre-rendered video, necessitating the vast capacity of the CD-ROM format and so abandoning Nintendo for the PlayStation after delays and technical challenges. Hironobu Sakaguchi, director Yoshinori Kitase, and composer Nobuo Uematsu all returned to the Final Fantasy team for the latest installment in the series, Final Fantasy VII. Real-time 3D character models are superimposed over pre-rendered CGI backgrounds for the first time in this game’s franchise.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Plot

In-game, the “Planet” is referred to as “Gaia,” however this has now been changed to “Gaia.” There is a flow of spiritual energy known as the Lifestream, which sustains all life on Earth. “Mako” is the name given to its processed form. The game has been categorized as an industrial or post-industrial science fiction setting on a social and technological level. Midgar’s megacorporation, the Shinra Electric Power Company, is draining the Planet’s Lifestream for energy during Final Fantasy VII.

Weakening the Planet and endangering all life on it is a direct result of Shinra’s actions. This includes AVALANCHE (an eco-terrorist group), a covert branch within the security forces of Shinra, SOLDIER (an elite Shinra fighting force created by enhancing humans with Mako), and the Cetra (a near-extinct human tribe that maintains a strong connection to both the Planet and the Lifestream).

A solitary mercenary known as Cloud Strife, who claims to be a former First Class SOLDIER, is the game’s protagonist. Barret Wallace, AVALANCHE’s outspoken yet fatherly leader, and Tifa Lockhart, an introverted martial artist, and Cloud’s childhood buddy, are two of his first AVALANCHE colleagues.

Aerith Gainsborough, a carefree flower merchant and one of the last surviving Cetra, Red XIII, an intelligent quadruped from a tribe that protects the planet, Cait Sith, a fortune-telling robotic cat controlled by repentant Shinra staff member Reeve, and Cid Highwind, a pilot whose dream of being the first human in space was not realized, all meet along the way on their quest.

Vincent Valentine, a former Turk and Shinra experiment victim, can also join the group as a Materia thief, Yuffie Kisaragi. This is a game where Rufus Shinra (son of President Shinra), Sephiroth (a former SOLDIER who emerges several years after he was assumed dead), and Jenova (a hostile extraterrestrial lifeform imprisoned by the Cetra 2000 years ago) are the major adversaries. Zack Fair, a member of SOLDIER and Aerith’s first love, is an important character in Cloud’s past.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Release Date

While we can’t give you a firm release date yet, we can confirm that FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH is slated to release next winter.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Gameplay

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII’s gameplay is mostly based on previous Final Fantasy games and Japanese role-playing games. World, field, and combat screen modes are all available to players in this game. The whole world of Final Fantasy VII may be explored on a 3D world map. The world map is strewn with depictions of places the player can visit, such as settlements, natural settings, and ancient ruins. Some regions of the game are inaccessible on foot due to natural barriers including mountains, deserts, and bodies of water.

As the game advances, the player gains access to vehicles that assist them to overcome these obstacles. It’s possible to catch a Chocobo on the map and ride it to places that aren’t reachable by foot or car.  In the field mode, the player is able to explore the global map in its entirety. A new three-dimensional model has been introduced in the series for the first time. In this mode, the player can explore the environment, interact with characters, progress the story, and begin event games.

Events are minigames that have particular control functions and are generally linked to the story. The player may also come across businesses and inns when out in the open. Weapons, armor, and other equipment for Cloud and his friends can be found in the many shops. Resting at an inn will restore the characters’ hit points and mana points, as well as any anomalies they may have picked up during combat.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Trailer

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