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Five Spanish Restaurants To Visit If You Are True Lover Of Healthy Food



More and more people like to take care of themselves, not only because they improve their physical appearance, but because of the multiple benefits that doing so entails. Leading a healthy lifestyle is in fashion, not only spending time exercising, but also eating well.

For this reason, it is increasingly common to find gastronomic experiences that offer more nutritious options and that make eating out not at odds with a healthy diet. In fact, according to the FOOD Barometer, promoted by Edenred and Ticket Restaurant, more than 75% of Spanish establishments affirm that the demand for healthy food has increased.

For all this, Edenred has prepared a selection of the five best healthy restaurants that we can find in Spain.

Bosabe Balmes (Barcelona)
Located in the center of Barcelona, ​​it offers a quiet, bright and pleasant environment. We can enjoy a varied menu that adapts to the food and tastes of each person. Mushroom risotto, hummus and crudités, assorted salads, vegetable creams, cod or Iberian secret are some of its specialties, so whether you follow a vegetarian, vegan or traditional diet, this restaurant adapts to what you are looking for. Of course, a not inconsiderable option.

BumpGreen (Madrid)
If what you are looking for is sustainable, healthy and very tasty food in Madrid, then BumpGreen is the option. A charmingly decorated place in the heart of the capital, where a cuisine based on seasonal foods and following a plant-based diet. You can order the dishes they offer on their menu to take home, ranging from salads to delicious risottos. Without a doubt, a “must” if you are looking to eat well and healthy.

Seduction à la carte (Madrid)
We anticipate that the name of this place is not at all wrong. Seduction a la carte has a varied and tasty offer of dishes. Dishes of a lifetime, reinvented and exquisite, that will make you enjoy the experience in this beautiful place located in the central Calle de las Infantas 31. Its menu is based on Mediterranean diet dishes, where you can also continue with the vegan diet, vegetarian or gluten-free with, of course, the option to have it delivered to your home.

A Factoria Verde (A Coruña)
Whoever has set foot in Galicia once, will know that they do not eat badly or in small quantities. A Factoria Verde is a restaurant located in the center of Coruña where we can enjoy an offer on the menu of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes that, without any doubt, will not leave you indifferent. In addition, you can buy in their store both physically and online, since they have a wide variety of plant-based and sustainable products, which you can enjoy physically on the premises or through their home delivery service.

Sua San (Bilbao)
Sua San is a restaurant made “for friends of healthy food”. In this restaurant you can enjoy pintxos and dishes from Monday to Sunday, delicious brunches, detox juices and a variety of dishes with fruits and vegetables, all of them exquisite. You will be comfortable in a relaxed atmosphere and with privileged views of the Guggenheim museum and the Iberdrola tower. In addition, this place changes at night with lights and has a different atmosphere, where you will enjoy a special menu of dishes.

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3 Injured As Crane Collapses Near AdventHealth Orlando



A crane collapsed near AdventHealth in Orlando this week, injuring three people. According to Orlando fire officials, two people were treated at the scene while one person was brought to the hospital after having a traumatic injury.

The incident happened Tuesday at the AdventHealth Orlando construction site.

Rescue Team Evaluate Workers, Assess Property

According to health officials, the person who suffered a traumatic injury caused by the debris was brought to Orlando Health Orlando Regional Medical center, Wesh reported.

The crane, according to construction workers, is used to raise segments of concrete from the ground. Most of the time, several people are on the ground near the crane.

Photo Credits:

After evacuating and assessing other workers, a rescue team eventually started to evaluate and assess the property.

Aaron Rhodes, Orlando Fire Department Special operations district chief, said that “once the area is deemed safe, the investigation will occur. Authorities who have jurisdiction over that will take that over. We won’t make any speculations about what caused it. Our main concern is making sure we’ve done everything we need to do make sure the area is safe.”

Construction Company To Determine Cause of Incident

Rhodes also noted that fortunately, only the crane collapsed at the site and that a complete and total failure of the building did not happen which may have been a whole different case.

AdventHealth also released a statement after the incident and said that they are working with other construction partners to determine what happened.

According to the news report by Welsh, the construction company leading the project, Finnrock, already dispatched engineers at the scene to identify the next steps.


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Florida Activist Desmond Meade Has Civil Rights Restored: Read Details



Desmond Meade

Civil rights activist Desmond Meade – the man who has been fighting for the voting rights of felons in Florida – has finally won a prolonged battle. The Florida voting icon’s civil rights have been restored, allowing him to run for office, serve on a jury and take the bar exam.

Meade received the news on Saturday during his live broadcast on Twitter. According to Durham Herald Sun, the news was given to him by his family, who presented him with a letter from the Florida Clemency Board announcing that his civil rights have officially been restored.

“I feel great, another chapter in the journey,” he said after receiving the news. “It shows that you just got to keep pushing,” he added.

Meade is the founder, president, and executive director of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, which raises voice for the civil rights of citizens coming back to society after completing prison terms.

The right activist of Orlando, Meade, led a grassroots effort for many years that got success in 2018 with the statewide passage of Amendment 4 to the Florida Constitution, restoring voting rights for as many as 1.4 million Florida felons, including him.

Desmond Meade

Desmond Meade. Image Credit: Twitter

However, despite approval from over two-thirds of state voters, the terms of restoration were the subject of debate, with GOP state leadership saying that returning citizens must pay all fees and fines before they could return to the voting booth.

Meade, who was convicted of drug and firearms offenses and served a jail term, already has the right to vote and had cast his right in the 2020 presidential elections.

Governor DeSantis Denied Right In March

In March 2021, Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, for the second time denied a pardon for Meade, saying it was because of a serious allegation against him from the U.S. Army. DeSantis said Meade could go through the regular process to apply to have his civil rights restored.

On the very day, DeSantis and the Cabinet, sitting as the Clemency Board, adopted an “automatic process” to speed up the restoration of rights for felons who have completed jail terms or other offenses, including paying fines and fees. The move also abolished the five-year waiting period before felons can apply for restoration.

New Rules

According to new rules, the felons with outstanding legal financial obligations can still apply to have their civil rights restored, able to go before the clemency board, which can waive court-ordered fees and fines.

Meade’s rights were restored with that new rights restoration process that the FRRC pushed for. But the rights restoration rule does not apply to those people who are convicted of murder or felony sex crimes.

“It’s not a pardon, but it’s definitely a step,” Meade said in the video. “I can apply to the Florida Bar now, I can get a house, I can run for office if I wanted to run for office.”

MacArthur Fellow

According to WUSF News, Meade was made a 2021 MacArthur Fellow in September. He was also granted a sum of $625,000 as a “Genius grant”. Meade has said the money will be used to pay off law school loans and to continue his work for people convicted of felonies.

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Orlando man goes live on Facebook before hitting Police officers with brick



ORLANDO, Fla. — A man in Orlando, Florida hit the police and injured two officers with brick on Saturday morning. The police revealed that the culprit had set up a video live stream on Facebook before causing the incident. The attack took place when the officers were standing at Magnolia Avenue around 12:40 a.m. on Saturday “as part of a downtown detail”, police said.

The culprit was identified as William McClish, 27. A number of charges have been filed against him, including an attempt at the first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer with a weapon, said the police.

Credit: NBC Miami

Videos of the attack are doing rounds on YouTube, which was posted by the Orlando Police Department. The footage shows a man walking towards a police car while picking up something from the ground. Thereafter, the man moves towards the police car and starts ambushing them with the brick. A second officer comes to the rescue and starts punching the man to the ground. The dispute, however, continued but the camera couldn’t capture the whole of it. Subsequently, the squabble took attention and more police arrived on the scene.

Nearly four officers could finally arrest the man.

The YouTube description of the live stream by the Orlando police stated: “It was determined the man set up a camera to live-stream the attack to Facebook – that is the source of the video above.”

Further, police Chief Orlando Rolón also issued a statement citing that the incident marks the second unprovoked attack on Orlando police officers in one week.

Eyewitnesses reported that the officer was speaking with another officer when a man suddenly attacked without warning.

Rolón also stated: “One officer has a significant facial injury. The other was bit and nearly had his eye gouged out. Our officers will recover from their injuries, but individuals like this who take premeditated steps to harm law enforcement officers and other human beings must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”

Another attack on the police had taken place just a few days ago when several individuals opened fire on two police officers.

According to a report by news station WESH, in a similar incident on Tuesday, two Orlando police officers were investigating a tip in an unmarked vehicle when three men opened fire on them. Officers returned fire.  None of the officers were injured. Three men have been arrested in connection with the shooting.

Rolón said: “We cannot wait for an officer or a citizen to be murdered. Prosecution and proper sentencing will be a deterrent for those who think they will only get a slap on the hand and probation soon after a short time in prison.”

While one officer hit with the bricks sustained severe nose injury, the second officer suffered profound eye damage with his left eye gouged out. He was bitten several times on his arm and hand.

McClish was later taken into custody following the attack.

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