Five Wounded in Deadly Knife Attack in Italy

On Thursday, four people were injured in a knife attack near Milan, including an Arsenal soccer player who was on loan to an Italian team. Arsenal stated that Pablo Mari, who has been representing Serie A team Monza this season, is “not gravely harmed,” adding that the information was provided by Mari’s agent. Mari, a 29-year-old center-back, was reportedly at a hospital Friday while he awaited surgery.

According to numerous accounts, a male employee of the supermarket where the attack took place was slain, according to police. At a Carrefour grocery store in Assago, a 46-year-old male who is thought to have been involved in the attack was reportedly detained. In addition to Mari, three other persons apparently had bad conditions and were transferred to a hospital.

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Another person received treatment on-site but was not taken to the hospital. Police reported that the incident did not initially appear to be tied to terrorism but that it could have been caused by psychological instability. Arsenal released a statement saying, “We are all horrified to hear the terrible news about the stabbing in Italy, which has left a number of people in the hospital including our on-loan center-back Pablo Mari.”

“Pablo and the other victims of this terrible incident are in our thoughts.” Adriano Galliani, the CEO of Monza, said to Sky Sports that Mari was shoving his youngster in a cart when the Spanish player was attacked. Galliani stated, “He told me about this amazing occurrence. “He was accompanied by his wife and had his son in a trolley.

He paid nothing or any attention. The criminal’s knife then felt a sharp pain in his back. Unfortunately, he also witnessed the criminal slit someone’s throat, and everything he witnessed was horrifying. While Mari has a “pretty deep incision on his back” that needs to be surgically repaired, the stabbing “fortunately did not affect essential organs such as the lungs,” according to Galliani.

Mari’s height of 6-foot-4 might have “saved” him, according to Galliani. Flamengo in Brazil sold Mari to Arsenal in 2020. He was on loan at Udinese, another Serie A team, for a portion of the season.

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