Fruit Man Arrested on Surveillance Camera Evidence

After an alleged attack was caught on a surveillance camera, a Fruitland Park man was arrested on a felony charge.
A charge of battery on a person over 65 was filed against Craig Holland Stegall, 55, who lives at 5101 Eagles Nest Road.
The Charlotte, N.C. resident got into an argument with another man at Ridge Crest Resort, Lake County Sheriff’s Office stated.
According to the report, Stegall slapped the other man in a parking lot.
While the other man tried to restrain Stegall, Stegall struck him again once he let go.
On a nearby security camera, the video of the altercation was captured.
Stegall was later arrested by the police and taken to Lake County Jail before he was set free after a $2,000 bond posting.


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