Ginni Thomas Testifies Before A House Committee On January 6

Ginni Thomas, a veteran Republican activist and the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, will testify before a House committee on January 6 on Thursday. Sources familiar with the committee’s operations confirmed the closed-door meeting.

Ginni Thomas was the first person the committee requested an interview with on her communications with those promoting a scheme to overturn the outcomes of the 2020 election, including her conversations with John Eastman, one of the campaign’s leaders. In late 2020, Eastman, a conservative attorney, served as President Donald Trump’s outside legal advisor and wrote a letter detailing a strategy to reject the electoral votes in numerous states.

Thomas has confessed that she went to a Trump event on January 6 in the morning at the Ellipse, but she has voiced criticism for the unrest that ensued at the Capitol after the rally. Thomas texted White House chief of staff Mark Meadows in the weeks before the attack on the Capitol, expressing his fears about voter fraud. Courts have all rejected legal claims of election fraud in 2020 from many states.

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Eastman and other Trump allies attempted to have Congress overturn the election results, but the White House and counsels for then-Vice President Mike Pence resisted, arguing that this was against the Constitution and would be soundly rejected by the Supreme Court if the case ever went before the court. Justice Thomas dissented, arguing that the judges should have heard the case, and the court declined to examine the election challenges brought by Trump and his followers. Due to his wife’s political activism, some detractors claimed he should have recused himself from issues involving the election.

Thomas expressed her willingness to testify following the revelation of her communications with Meadows, and discussions continued for months.

Hurricane Ian forced the Jan. 6 committee to postpone the public portion of its ninth and possibly final investigative hearing this week. Bennie Thompson, the chairman, promised to give a new date soon.

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