Halloween Buckets Mcdonalds: How to Acquire One Before They Disappear in Four Days

Just in time for the Halloween season, McDonald’s Halloween pails, sometimes known as Boo Buckets, have returned. The buckets with a Halloween theme are currently available to purchase at participating McDonald’s restaurants in the United States until October 31st or until supplies are depleted, whichever comes first. This is what you need to know.

What Are Mcdonald’s Halloween Boo Buckets?

In 1986, McDonald’s began serving its Happy Meal kid’s meal in adorable tiny buckets decorated in a Halloween motif, which may also be used as a child’s trick-or-treat bag if they aren’t seeking out the most candy possible.

The buckets were a spooky treat because Happy Meals often come in cardboard boxes shaped almost like tiny dwellings. For Halloween 2022, the restaurant chain brought them back, and social media was a hive of activity for weeks prior to the release.

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How Can I Get a Mcdonald’s Halloween Boo Bucket?

Place an order at the eatery or via the McDonald’s app. The meal includes fries, apple slices (or extra fries in place of the apple slices), and a drink. You can select an entree of either four or six pieces of Chicken McNuggets or a hamburger or cheeseburger. Keep in mind that your restaurant will probably only have one bucket color available at a time, so you might need to make several trips spaced a few days or weeks apart in order to collect all three sorts (green, white, and orange).

What Do the 2022 Halloween Boo Buckets Look Like?

Three distinct colors are available at McDonald’s: the green witch, the orange pumpkin, and the white ghost, often known as McBoo, McPunk’n, and McGoblin. There is one significant change from previous years: They don’t truly have tops. From one side of the handle to the other, there is a raised ornamentation that features a witch’s cap for McGoblin, a pumpkin top for McPunk’n, and a white pumpkin top for McBoo. There is no full plastic lid, only a sheet of paper with Halloween stickers covering the bucket itself.

How Much Are the Halloween Boo Buckets?

While prices vary from store to restaurant, Happy Meals at the McDonald’s near me go between $5 and $7. There is no additional cost for the bucket because it takes the place of the toy that typically comes with the Happy Meal (along with the sticker sheet). Toys are included with McDonald’s new adult Happy Meals; they consist of four-eyed traditional McDonald’s figurines and one brand-new invention.

Will Halloween Boo Buckets Sell Out?

Due to the extensive advance publicity, The Boo Buckets are sure to sell out rapidly. Collectors will probably try to get all three colors, which might disrupt restaurant supplies. Until Halloween, or while supplies last, they are accessible.

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What Did the Original Mcdonald’s Halloween Buckets Look Like?

The three original designs—McPunk’n, McBoo, and McGoblin—were all orange and bore the same names that McDonald’s will use in 2022. They all resembled jack-o-lanterns but had various faces. McPunk’n appears content, McBoo is slightly scared, and McGoblin appears to be dozing off, but his appearance is presumably meant to be ominous.

When Did Mcdonald’s Stop Making Halloween Buckets?

If you’re really interested in delving into the history of a fast-food chain’s advertising, Nightmare Nostalgia provides a fantastic timeline of the subject. (If you do, I’m not knocking you; I’m one of you.) Some of the more significant adjustments included switching to vinyl McBoo Bags, or trick-or-treat bags that illuminate in the dark.

The buckets were updated in 1992 to feature cookie cutters that detach from the top. That has to be the pinnacle of McDonald’s Halloween bucket inventiveness. I hope that year saw a raise for someone. The pails underwent further modifications after that and finally disappeared in 2016, leaving behind a design inspired by It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

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