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Happy Feet are Running Around Eustis

Happy Feet are Running Around Eustis

Happy Feet Hatchery, Eustis Florida —

Little “Happy Feet” are running around a local chicken farm in Eustis called “Happy Feet Hatchery”. Owners Christina Sauls and Jason Cissna purchased the property in June 2016. Wasting no time to bring a local hatchery to Central Florida; “Happy Feet Hatchery” opened for business on May 22nd 2017.

The owners chose the name when the first hatchlings were all scratching and running around just “Happy” to be free and knowing they had some of the most caring owners they could possibly have.

Recognizing the opportunity, Tractor Supply Co. immediately sponsored the local hatchery.

Why a hatchery? Christina stated; “We wanted to create an awesome buying experience, we want people to see where their birds come from, how they are treated and managed on a year round basis. Most hatcheries are out of state and operate only part of the year.”

Birds purchased out of state are typically shipped, and according to Christina this can put a tremendous amount of stress that can affect the long range health of birds. The ability of would be bird owners to purchase from an NPIP Certified, Limited Egg and Poultry permit holder that is registered with the State of Florida means you can be assured of the quality of any birds purchased.

Happy Feet Hatchery has raised several breeds, currently offering 12 breeds of birds. Me, I always thought a chicken was a chicken. How wrong I was…

I can tell you from my visit to the farm, I never knew chickens were the beautiful birds they are. I always thought they were all white. Christina, “We wanted to offer a wide variety of breeds. By choosing these breeds we offer something for everyone.” Two of the breeds the; Welsummers and the Wheaten Ameracaunas are of show quality and often selected by members of local 4-H club members to raise and show in competition.

When asked about availability of these two breeds; Christina told me “These two breeds are currently 7 months old and are just now starting to lay. They should be available soon for purchase” she also noted that anyone interested in these two breeds should call ahead for availability.

Owners Christina and Jason gave me a complete tour of the hatchery educating me on the breeds, hatching times and then surprising me with eggs that really are Blue, Green and Pink!! And I thought Easter Eggs needed food coloring. Birds producing these colored eggs are often referred to as “Easter Eggers”. I felt like I was in school all over again, the knowledge possessed by these two owners was simply nothing short of amazing.

If you are looking for a pet, a show bird, fresh farm eggs or looking to educate yourself and your youngsters a stop by the “Happy Feet Hatchery” is well worth the visit. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed in the knowledge and quality of care given these fantastic birds.

Happy Feet Hatchery Eustis in Poultry Magazine

Want more information? Get your Happy Feet on and Just give Christina a call at (407) 733-4427. You can also find them the 2nd Saturday every month at the Tractor Supply Farm Swap, (Open Year Round) located at 100 W Ardice Ave #1 Eustis, FL 32726.

Visit their website: Happy Feet Hatchery

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