Health Officials Report A Possible Monkeypox Case In Lake County

One adult in Lake County has been identified as having monkeypox, according to health officials. Initial testing was finished by the Montana State Public Health Lab on Wednesday, but the US Centers for Disease Control will now conduct confirmatory testing (CDC). CSKT Tribal Public Health and Lake County are attempting to locate anyone who may have been in touch with the patient when they were contagious.

The patient is withdrawing at home instead of needing to be hospitalized. There are no additional details available because of privacy issues. According to Tribal Health, monkeypox symptoms might include fever, headache, backache, muscular aches, chills, swollen lymph nodes, and a rash that can resemble pimples or blisters and develop on the face, within the mouth, and on other parts of the body.

The majority of patients recover on their own without medical intervention and the disease normally lasts two to four weeks. Sometimes, monkeypox can result in secondary illnesses like pneumonia, scarring from the sores, or other consequences. The virus is not easily transmitted when two people come into touch, but it can be spread by contact with bodily fluids and sores, infected objects like clothing or bedding, or respiratory droplets brought on by prolonged face-to-face contact.

Monkeypox is not specifically treatable.

Even if a person doesn’t believe they have had contact with someone who has monkeypox, they should still notify their doctor if they have a rash that resembles monkeypox. Monkeypox patients should stay at home and rest. When feasible, kids should be isolated from other family members and pets if they have an active rash or other symptoms.

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