Here’s When It’s Less Likely To Rain In Central Florida


We can tell there will be less rain in Central Florida over the next few days. On Wednesday afternoon, there will be a 40% chance of precipitation. Some showers will start in the morning along the coast.

Highs will be close to 90 degrees. This time of year, the average joy in Orlando is 89. There will be a 20% chance of rain on Thursday and Friday. Saturday will have a 30% chance of rain, and Sunday will have a 20% chance.

Putting the finger on the tropics

We are keeping a close eye on what is likely to become a tropical depression or even the next named storm, Hermine. Long-range models predict that the system will be in the Gulf of Mexico by the end of next week.

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Central Florida could feel the effects as soon as Wednesday or Thursday of next week. Again, many things can change, but we will watch this system closely. As of Wednesday morning, Fiona was a Category 4 hurricane with winds up to 130 mph. As it moves away from the Bahamas and gets closer to Bermuda, it will continue to pack a punch.

Hurricane Gaston will stay at sea for a while longer. Low pressure is close to the Cabo Verde Islands, and there is a 20% chance it will grow in the next five days. There is a 50% chance that another area of low pressure near the coast of Africa will grow over the next five days.


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