Horimiya Season 2: When Can We Expect From It?

The online comic series Hero was published on Hiroki Adachi’s website from 2007 to 2011. The 13-episode anime adaptation is based on an online manga series that ran for two seasons. Daisuke Hagiwara eventually adapted the story into the popular manga series “Horimiya,” which served as the inspiration for the anime’s plot.

With Kyouko Hori as its protagonist, the series follows the blossoming romance between her and Miyamura as they try to overcome their differences and find each other in the face of loneliness and adversity. To learn more about each other and build a solid foundation for a long-term relationship, two people meet by chance early on in an anime series.

After the first season finished in April with the graduation of the two main protagonists, many “Horimiya” fans are wondering if there will be a second season. Based on the data we were able to gather, we’ve calculated an estimated start date for the upcoming season. Season 2 of “Horimiya” is set to premiere sometime in the near future, and we’ve got all the details below.

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Horimiya season 2 is coming up, so what can we expect?

A story about a gorgeous and famous Kyoko and an introverted and shy Izumi stars Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura. Despite the fact that they both attended the same high school, the gulf between their socioeconomic standing and attitude is obvious. Their school personas, on the other hand, are meticulously built to hide their genuine identities from the outside world.

He wears punk-style attire, replete with piercings and body art, whenever he goes outside. Kyoko, who dresses more informally, looks after Souta. Their classmates find out about their secret meetings outside of class, and they agree to keep it between them.

The two young individuals in the novel learn to like one another as the plot unfolds. Until then, they hadn’t acknowledged their affections for one another. They graduate from high school in the final episode of the series.

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Kyoko and Izumi’s romance will continue if the show is renewed for a second season. The first season’s base material has already been used. In order to continue, the anime will need to come up with a fresh story.

The release date for Horimiya season 2 is still a mystery.

This series has created 13 episodes that cover the complete 122-chapter manga arc of “Horimiya,” the first two seasons’ worth of episodes In anime, this is a widespread practice. A graduation ceremony for a crucial couple closes out the series in a satisfying way, leaving no loose ends. This raises the possibility that an additional season of the anime is not in the works. The anime’s creators have yet to say whether or not the series will go on.

Even though there are 122 chapters and 13 episodes in the manga, “Horimiya” couldn’t possibly have covered every detail. Another season of the anime may be required to delve more into the other storylines not already addressed in the show’s concluding slide display. Sadly, there is no sign that there will be any more episodes of this type in the future. In the meantime, let’s see if any creative juices flow.

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Horimiya season 2 formal announcement

At the time of this writing, nothing is known about the anime’s future. Stay positive with this Season 1 trailer. If they haven’t already, Hulu, Netflix, and Funimation all have “Horimiya” available for streaming (USA).

The popularity of the Horimiya TV Series

It was widely praised by both fans and critics during the debut season of Horimiya. MyAnimeList and IMDb both scored the anime 8.2 out of 10 stars. Hulu has finally made the show available to stream.

In the meantime, you may watch the first season of Horimiya on Hulu in English with English subtitles. On our site, you can get all the information you need to keep up with the release dates of your favorite series.

Horimiya season 2 has yet to be made available online

Netflix, Hulu, and Funimation all have new episodes of Horimiya Season 2, like the first season.

What is the age of Horimiya?

Her due date was set for March 25th. She is 17-year-old Aries and a teen at heart. Except for her father, being around her is a delight.

How many seasons does Horimiya have?

Horimiya’s debut season ended in April with a triumphant conclusion. A total of 13 seasons are included in the manga’s first season, however, this does not cover the complete story. An anime TV series premiered on July 10, 2021, and its final episode was broadcast on April 4, 2021.


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