In a Post-election Episode, ‘snl’ Insults Kari Lake, Saying, ‘i’ll Burn Arizona to the Ground’

Kari Lake was not going to escape the first “Saturday Night Live” after the election unhurt. Elle didn’t. Boy, she didn’t. But once more, the line between nonsense and reality was razor-thin. The third episode of SNL was hosted by Dave Chappelle. His transphobic remarks made it a contentious choice; according to reports, some writers skipped the concert. Performing at the event was Black Star.

SNL, though, lost no time in challenging Lake. The morning program “Fox & Friends,” hosted by Steve Doocy (as Mikey Day), Ainsley Earhardt (as Heidi Gardner), and Brian Kilmeade, which had previously supported Donald Trump, was parodied in the cold opening (Bowen Yang). They discussed the red tsunami that didn’t manifest itself during the midterm elections and speculated about its origin. (This isn’t that dissimilar from Sean Hannity’s actual response.)

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Cecily Strong’s Kari Lake in Her Customary Soft Focus

Then they turned against Trump, much like the genuine Fox News and other media outlets owned by Rupert Murdoch have. They claimed that with the exception of one standout candidate, nearly all of the candidates he supported lost.

Kari Lake, ladies, and gentlemen. The subject of much mockery when the episode spoofed her a few weeks ago, “Lake” emerged in her normal soft-focus and was once more expertly portrayed by Cecily Strong.

Likewise on Saturday:

Even though my camera filter makes it appear as though I’m in Heaven, my campaign is still active, she remarked. The announcers stated that although the race is close, Katie Hobbs is in the lead as of Saturday night.

Strong’s Lake stated, “That is because the Maricopa County officials are incompetent, and I believe the election is manipulated and the results should be nullified.” Goodbye, take a break. Again, while this could be humorous to a national audience, it sounds a lot like Lake’s and the Arizona Republican Party’s stock line if you live in Arizona.

Yang’s Kilmeade, though, interjected to declare that Lake had taken the lead. For this reason, Strong’s Lake remarked, “I’ve always said this is a democracy; trust the system, trust the voters.” Actually, Hobbs is in the lead. Because it has always broken, our system. But happily, it has been corrected. Look, I am very certain that I will win this election. And I won’t give up until all votes are counted and some are invalidated.

Lake’s Views Might Be Funny to a National Audience. To Arizona? Eh

It may sound like the ideal material for a late-night comedy program, but the absurdity of the system functioning when you win and breaking when you lose is not without its flaws. It’s just real life in Arizona. Come on, Strong’s Lake exclaimed, who wants to be governor of Arizona? Kathleen Hobbs

Or even me, Kari Lake, who resides in this lovely pool of Vaseline and approaches Black shoppers at CVS every day to inquire if they work there. We know that you will receive the remaining votes, Day’s Doocy informed Strong’s Lake. Well, if they don’t, I’ll set Arizona ablaze. Hopefully, that was a prank. It’s not particularly humorous right now in Arizona, though.

SNL Tore Into Blake Masters, Too

On Saturday night, Arizona’s targets included others besides Lake. Colin Jost announced that Mark Kelly had defeated Blake Masters during the “Weekend Update” segment. Master may now resume his actual love, which I’m assuming is strangling hitchhikers, right? When will it end? Will Arizona ever cease to be the comedian’s best friend? Not anytime soon, if recent headlines are any clue.

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