In Lake County A Teen Kid Was Arrested For Stealing Several Vehicles


According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, a teenager accused of stealing several vehicles is being charged with some crimes. On Tuesday, Mount Dora police responded to a crash scene close to US 441 and SR 46.

The driver of the car that was found to be at fault escaped on foot, according to information provided to police at the site. It was said a boy with green hoodie and grey shorts.

An officer saw a trail of footsteps leading to the Elevate Way apartments nearby and followed them. When police were called about a break-in at Elevate Way, they discovered that the suspect fit the description of the motorist who had fled the collision.

Police in Mount Dora, Florida, discovered a teen inside a car and took him to jail. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office recognized the teenager as a missing runaway from Eustis.

According to the affidavit, he broke into six cars and admitted to Mount Dora police that the vehicle involved in the accident was also stolen. The woman who owned the crashed car said it was stolen when contacted.

The youngster is being detained in custody at the Lake County Jail on suspicion of driving without a license, leaving a collision that resulted in injuries, grand theft of a vehicle, and three counts of breaking into an empty car.


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