In Salt County Two Fugitives Arrested At Nevada Hotel

Two female fugitives from Salt Lake County were apprehended on Thursday as a result of a tip that they would be staying in Mesquite, Nevada, according to the police. Along with Sherri Lee Vigil, 28, of Salt Lake City, Erika Rochelle Vigil, 31, of Magna, was also detained. According to a news statement, detectives investigated the initial information they had received and found that the two women were registered to a hotel room nearby.

They noticed the suspect’s car had a stolen license plate attached to it as well. Additionally, when the detectives investigated the automobile, they discovered a sizable number of looted goods from recent vehicle burglaries in Mesquite. According to detectives, they were able to solve eight distinct car burglaries and give the stolen goods back to their original owners. The fugitives fled the room as detectives were surveilling the hotel, and they were positively recognized. Both of the women were arrested.

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After being detained, Erika Rochelle Vigil was charged with nine counts of misdemeanor possession of stolen items, felony possession of another person’s personal identifying information, and criminal possession of a credit card without the owner’s permission. In addition to the original accusations against Sherri Lee Vigil, she was further charged with criminal possession of a credit card without the owner’s permission. The Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas received both of the women.

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