Intel Reveals Arc A750 Limited Edition Graphics Card

For everyone at Intel involved in the Arc Graphics adventure, it is an amazing day! We are prepared to start discussing our desktop discrete performance GPUs and exchanging performance information.
First, some background. I want us to directly share our tale with the gaming community, hobbyists, and anybody else who is interested in the arc of…Arc as we get closer to the global product availability later this summer. In the form of blogs, movies, interviews, social media snippets, etc., you’ll hear from us on performance, compatibility, partners, technologies, and more. You may get all of this information at one place right now at

I began by showcasing the Gunnir Intel Arc A380 retail card running PUBG and then some recorded footage of the A380 playing Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak over the past couple of weeks. The performance of the new Intel® ArcTM A750 Limited Edition graphics card is the topic of our discussion today, though, as we reach further up the stack.

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The performance data presented here is only representative of a tiny subset of the games that are optimised for Intel® ArcTM and the Alchemist architecture. It’s a view of what Intel Arc A-series GPUs are capable of with the correct software and engineering enabling, albeit I’m not claiming that ALL GAMES will display these results.

I can see you’re all curious to learn more! How did you do in the other games? What time will it be accessible? What will the price be? What about elements like ray tracing and XeSS? Before the products go on sale, I swear we’ll soon reveal all of that information and more. I’m looking forward to what we have to say and the tale we’ll be telling to players this summer. To ensure you always have the most recent information, keep monitoring, following me on Twitter at @ryanshrout, and visiting @IntelGraphics.

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