Is Ashley Mcbride Gay: Early Life, Career & Personal Life

Country music singer and songwriter Ashley McBryde (born July 29, 1983) is an American country artist. She grew up in Arkansas, and listening to a wide range of music influenced her career path. Also, she developed a love for songwriting, so she relocated from her native California to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue a music career.

McBryde released two self-published albums between 2006 and 2011. Eric Church’s attention was drawn to her Jalopies & Expensive Guitars (EP) in 2016. She landed a record deal with Warner Music Nashville thanks to his aid. “A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega” was released by the label in 2017.

Girl Going Nowhere, her follow-up studio album, was released in tandem with the song (2018). Several music organizations recognized the album and the song for their achievements. As a follow-up to Never Will, which received high praise, was released in 2019. “One Night Standards” topped the Canadian country music survey and entered the top 20 in the US. In this article we will discuss is Ashley McBride gay, career, and many more things.

Ashley Mcbride Early Life

Saddle, Arkansas, is where McBryde was raised. Because her father was a preacher, her family had a rigid upbringing. “In my childhood, I can’t remember when I didn’t see a rifle or a Bible. That’s how he raised us, and it’s both nasty and sweet at the same time “Asked by Billboard, she said.

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In her youth, she was enthralled by the songs of The Carpenters and Kris Kristofferson that she heard at home.  McBryde’s family bought her a guitar because she regularly fooled around with her father’s instrument. A young McBryde dreamed of being a singer-songwriter when she composed her first song at 12. With her mother’s encouragement, she went to several bluegrass events. is ashley mcbride gay.

Ashley Mcbride Career

An eponymous demo album was published by McBryde in 2006. McBryde made the decision to relocate to Nashville, Tennessee in 2007 to pursue a career in music. As a member of the band Deadhorse, she began performing at as many shows as she could obtain. Bicycle bars and other Nashville-area venues were included in this category. Day jobs at Guitar Center and open mic evenings completed her schedule.

She won the annual Country Showdown talent show in 2009 and 2010. As a result of their triumph, McBryde’s band was named Tennessee’s official “Battle of the Bands” champion. Elsebound, her second demo album, was self-released in 2011. He also toured regularly during this period.

is ashley mcbride gay

She regularly opened for country stars like Willie Nelson, Chris Stapleton, and Chris Cagle during their shows. Jalopies & Expensive Guitars (EP) was published by McBryde in 2016. Road Life Records released the album. In preparation for the CD, McBryde was instructed to straighten her hair and make other cosmetic alterations. The New York Times says, “We were attempting to play the game.”

On one night of Eric Church’s “Holdin’ My Own” tour, he invited McBryde to perform her song “Bible and a.44” with him. As soon as the video of her performance went viral, she began to receive regular concert bookings. During this time, she also signed a management contract with Q Publishing. McBryde also recorded her first studio album during this period. Cris Lacy, a senior vice president at Warner Music Nashville, heard the project. In September 2017, Lacy signed McBryde to a recording contract with the label, which was impressed by her music. With his career everyone is interested in knowing is ashley mcbride gay.

Ashley Mcbride Personal Life

Clay McBryde, McBryde’s younger brother, died in 2018 at 53. There was no word on how he died. Due to her decision to pursue a career in music, McBryde has had a challenging relationship with her father in the public eye. “‘A Bible and a.44’ is my favorite song I’ve ever written, and it’s about my father, who doesn’t support any of his children being in the entertainment industry.

Anyone earning a living from the entertainment industry is appalling, “she revealed to Taste of Country. This Town Talks Tour headliner Ashley McBryde had to cancel a few shows in September 2021 when she fell off a horse and hit her head. She suffered a concussion and had her scalp stitched up due to the incident.

Is Ashley Mcbride Gay

A well-known American country musician, Ashley McBride. Never Will and Girl Going Nowhere are two of her most popular albums. McBride grew up in a music-centric household. She enjoyed it more and more, eventually picking up her father’s guitar and her brother’s trumpet to perform. Ashley’s first song was written when she was just 12 years old. It motivated her to become a lyricist and a musician.

She subsequently took part in her high school’s band, where she honed her skills and honed her craft. When McBride was in college, he majored in French horn, which he studied at Arkansas State. However, she dropped out of college after her lecturer advised her to pursue a full-time career in music. Ashley launched her professional music career by joining the Deadhorse in Nashville. is Ashley McBride gay.

After winning the Country Showdown competition, she became a household name. After that, McBride put out a slew of records, including XPs (extended plays). For her debut hit, ‘A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega,’ she made a name for herself. Ashley has been nominated for numerous accolades, including Grammy, CMT, Emmy, etc.

Ashley McBride, a singer-songwriter, is widely believed to be gay. She has not stated her sexual orientation. However, she implied that she is straight in one of her tweets. According to McBride, you don’t need any sexual orientation to get a guy’s attention. Despite this, many individuals are still unsure about the claim’s validity. Regardless of her sexuality, her admirers appear to be supportive. is ashley mcbride gay.

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Ashley McBride, a country singer, has not yet tied the knot. There have been no public disclosures of her relationships, and she has kept them to herself. However, Andrew, her roommate, is rumored to be her boyfriend. Ashley, on the other hand, has made it obvious that they are simply best friends. Despite this, her followers continue to delve into her songs in an attempt to discover. is ashley mcbride gay.

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