Is Iyanna and Jarrette From Love Is Blind Still Together?


Two of the thirty or so contestants on Love Is Blind this season are Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely. Ten days in the lives of thirty single men and women are chronicled in Love Is Blind, a Netflix original series set to release in February 2020. The couples have 10 days to determine if they want to get engaged before meeting each other in person.

After the proposal, the teams spend their first real-life time together at a Mexican resort, where they get to know the other couples. Following their romantic getaway, the engaged couples from the same city will move in together to get to know each other’s families and friends before the big day. Teams face the age-old question of whether or not love is genuinely blind as they decide whether or not to marry on their respective wedding days.

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Who Is Jarrette from Love Is Blind, Season 2?

Chicago native and 32-year-old Jarrette work as a project manager. You can follow Jarrette on Instagram at @thejjones 05. “Even if everyone around you seems to be settling, you should never settle for anything less than your best! “-Sneaker Dealer-Podcast Host-Investor-Barber Chicago” is what his Instagram bio says about him.

In light of Jarrette’s casting news for Season 2 of Love Is Blind, he shared the show’s trailer on Instagram with the message, “Make sure on February 11th you’re tuned in… The long-awaited release of Love Is Blind Season 2 has arrived on Netflix (@netflix @loveisblindnetflix @strongblacklead).

Jarrette’s Linkedin profile states that he is an associate project manager with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Since joining the organization in 2014, he has held the positions of project manager coordinator, senior project management coordinator, and product delivery consultant.

At Blue Cross, he served as a project management intern. Jarrette earned her bachelor’s degree in human resource management with a concentration in people administration from Ferris State University in 2014. The same school also granted him an associate’s degree in business administration and management in 2012. When Jarrette was a student at Ferris State University, he pledged to the Delta Sigma Pi fraternity.

Who Is Iyanna From Love Is Blind, Season 2?

Chicago native and 27-year-old program coordinator Iyanna. Instagram users can find Iyanna at @iyanna.amor. “27. Extremely flexible. Very quiet and reserved. Amazing to the point of pain. Atlanta, Miami, Chicago,” her Instagram bio states. Iyanna shared the trailer for season 2 of Love Is Blind on Instagram after learning of her casting on the show, writing, “Watch my @loveisblindnetflix journey February 11th on @netflix!” It just can’t get here soon enough. She also shared a snapshot of herself in The Pods, captioned, “Laughing so hard it looks like it hurts. Three days to go. loveisblindnetflix.”

Iyanna has been working as a project coordinator at Golden Surrogacy since at least January 2020, as evidenced by her Linkedin profile. She has worked as a family support specialist in Rhode Island and a residential behavior counselor in Massachusetts’s Walpole and Little Wanderers’ Homes.

She also worked as a family intervention specialist at Youth Villages in Massachusetts, where she had previously served as a behavioral youth counselor. In 2017, she received her degree from Kennesaw State University.

Are Jarrette and Iyanna still together from Love Is Blind season 2?

Nope. Jarrette, 32, and Iyanna, 27, met in The Pods on Love Is Blind season 2, got engaged, and married in the finale. Are Jarrette and Iyanna from season 2 still together? Perhaps. Instagram friends Jarrette and Iyanna.

Jarrette and Iyanna bonded over humor and children in episode 1. “Did you want?” Do you want a starting lineup? Jarrette laughed. I desire a large family. Iyanna didn’t have a sibling because she was an only child. Iyanna told Jarrette that her biological mother reared her until she was 9, then she was taken in by her cousin until she was 18.

She was kicked out and adopted by her godparents at 22. “I faced numerous odds. Iyanna said, “I shouldn’t be OK.” Jarrette dated 32-year-old communications manager Mallory. In episode 3, Jarrette proposed to Mallory, who declined because she liked Sal, a 31-year-old executive assistant.

Are Jarrette and Iyanna still together from Love Is Blind season 2
Are Jarrette and Iyanna still together from Love Is Blind season 2

“I’ve always liked you. She said, “We have so much in common. I could talk about anything.” “We laugh a lot. I enjoy our conversations. You’re a fantastic person, but I’ve always felt passionately for two others, and I’m drawn more to them.” Jarrette proposed to Iyanna, who had misgivings about him because of Mallory. “If Mallory had said yes, I’m sure you would have offered.

I’m undecided. Iyanna said, “I deserve someone sure of me.” Mallory’s rejection gave Jarrette the “confirmation” he needed to commit to Iyanna. Jarrette proposed to Iyanna, who accepted, and they got engaged and met outside The Pods. Mallory and Jarrette met face-to-face at the retreat and bonded over mutual interests.

Mallory explained to Jarrette how he and Sal differed. “I’m such a guy’s girl,” Mallory added. “Hence why we connected.” Mallory said, “I want to catch a game.” I’m this. Love it. Simple. Most sports-minded males who connect with me don’t prioritize me. Mallory confirms that Jarrette told her Sal didn’t get her the ring she wanted.

Iyanna addressed Jarrette about Mallory in episode 5. Iyanna remarked in a confessional interview, “Seeing him chat with Mallory, I thought he’d regret his choice.” He’s trustworthy. Adult. Lies would shatter my heart. If he lied, we’re done.” Episode 10 saw Jarrette and Iyanna’s wedding.

Jarrette and Ayanna divorced a month after their first anniversary in 2022. “After much contemplation, we’re heartbroken to share that we’ve split and will divorce,” they posted on Instagram. Our life is headed on different paths, but that’s OK. This decision wasn’t easy, but we wish each other the best.

“We hope you’ll give us a room as we finish this chapter,” the statement continued. Our friends and family have loved us through this. Thank you, Love Is Blind and Netflix, for this fantastic chance and support. Ayanna and Jarrette were still together in the September 2022 Love Are Blind: After the Altar special.

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