2 Teenagers Were Seriously Injured After Race Cars Crashed In Issaquah

ISSAQUAH, Wash. — After a crash late Monday night in Issaquah, at least two people are still in the hospital.

At about 11:18 p.m., two cars were racing on Highlands Drive Northeast, near where it meets Discovery Drive. The first car was an Infinity, and the second was a Mercedes. The Infinity driver didn’t stop at a red light while a third driver turned left on a green signal.

WSP said that when the Infinity hit the third car, the car went out of control and hit a light pole.

WSP said that two teenagers who were riding in the Infinity and weren’t wearing seatbelts were thrown out of the car and got very hurt.

The Infinity’s driver and front-seat passenger were also taken to the hospital. A hospital spokesperson said that one of the teens had been sent home on Tuesday afternoon.

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People who live near where the crash happened said that speeding accidents like this are dangerous and happen more often. Many of them said that it could be heard all over the neighbourhood.

“When those engines are running, it’s so loud that it sounds like it’s bouncing, so I don’t know what they’ll do or if they can do anything about it “, Shanda Boyd, who has lived nearby for seven years, said.

Other people said they don’t want these kinds of accidents to happen and want people to be careful when they get on the road. “Sadly, they didn’t think about what could go wrong, but I guess they just didn’t know about it “, said Ricardo Martinez.

WSP said that the driver of the third car was not hurt. The second race car left the track.

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