Jake Adams Reef Builders Death: How Did He Die?

Jake Adams, who was most known for serving as Reef Builders’ managing editor, unfortunately, passed away for an unspecified reason. His passing has shocked the whole aquatic community and left a void that will never be filled. His sudden demise has been making its way across various social media platforms like wildfire.

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Who is Jake Adams? 

Jake Adams was a marine aquarium lover who has been employed in this field on a full-time basis since the 1990s. He earned his bachelor’s degree in marine science, therefore he was a graduate in that field. Since 2008, Jake has been connected to Reef Builders and has served as the publication’s managing editor. He was known as Jake Adams Reef Builders because of his involvement with them, which was widely recognised across the community.

On Saturday, October 22, 2022, rumours of the death of Reef Builders employee Jake Adams began to spread on social media. The death’s brief details weren’t made public, though. jake

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Jake Adams Cause of Death for Adams?

Jake Adams from Reef Builders reportedly passed away unexpectedly on a journey to Bali on Saturday, October 22, 2022, following what appears to have been a suspected heart attack.

Since the mid-1990s, Jake has been a passionate marine aquarium lover, and for more than ten years he has worked in the marine aquarium industry’s retail sector.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in marine science and has worked as ReefBuilders.com’s managing editor since 2008. Jake has a keen interest in every aspect of the hobby of keeping marine aquariums, from the ideas to the technology, rare fish to exotic corals. His career as a speaker at events for reef clubs and marine aquariums and as a writer of articles for publications about aquariums around the world is a testament to his passion for the hobby.

Jake dives into the world’s coral reefs and keeps aquariums as a pastime because corals are his main passion.

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