Jennette McCurdy Opens Up About Childhood Abuse


The memoir “I’m Glad My Mom Died” by Jennette McCurdy became available on August 9. It has already surpassed all previous bestsellers. The “iCarly” and “Sam & Cat” star opens out in her new memoir about her mother’s abuse, disordered eating, and time spent as a child actor. She using sardonic humour to describe the childhood tragedy she actually endured. Here’s the reason why the book is trending on social media and elsewhere. spoilers ahead.

Taking care of her mother’s abuse

When McCurdy was six years old, her mother Debra started pressuring her into the entertainment industry, even though McCurdy wasn’t initially interested in it. It seems like a mother was attempting to impose her aspirations of fame and money on her child. McCurdy, though, had success in the field.The young actress had appearances in programmes including “CSI” and “Malcolm in the Middle.” and eventually received her big break after being cast in one of the lead parts on Nickelodeon’s “iCarly” in 2007

 McCurdy wished that “Mom will finally be content. She has realised her dream. She nevertheless underwent years of physical and psychological assault. allegedly performing “breast and vaginal exams” throughout her adolescence to look for cancer. Her mother gave her showers up until she was in her late teens. and had a tendency to erupt into wrath. McCurdy didn’t escape from that control until Debra’s death from breast cancer in 2013.

McCurdy’s use of humour to discuss the tragedy she underwent is evident straight away on the book’s cover. She is pictured holding an urn filled to the brim with confetti. (Not to mention the name of the book.) The cover, according to McCurdy on GMA, is “something that I mean truly.” And “I think that everybody who has experienced parental abuse understands this title and I think anybody who has a sense of humour gets this title.”

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The progression of her unhealthy eating

In her memoir, McCurdy also discusses how her mother introduced her to “calorie restriction” in order to maintain her youthful appearance for acting parts. Additionally, McCurdy is said to have wanted to quit having breasts because she was afraid of them after learning that her mother had cancer. The result was anorexia. Additionally, surviving on 500 to 1,000 calories each day.

McCurdy would later struggle with alcoholism and bulimia. OCD and anxiety are also present. She described how her mother told her not to become a writer because she would gain weight. And how a part of her previously wished for a “bulimia-induced heart attack” to end her life so she “wouldn’t have to be here any longer.”” McCurdy claims to no longer “obsess about eating at all” and views herself as “recovered” today.

Jennette McCurdy Opens Up About Childhood Abuse (1)
Jennette McCurdy Opens Up About Childhood Abuse (1)

Her teenage years spent in Hollywood

The teenage actress reportedly had to deal with a predator off-screen, or “The Creator,” as McCurdy refers to them in her book. According to the “iCarly” star, they provided her booze when she wasn’t old enough. Despite preferring one-piece swimming suits, they allegedly forced her to wear a bikini.

Dan Schneider, the creator of the “iCarly” sitcom, is thought to be the person she is alluding to. who has been charged with exercising excessive control over others, verbally abusing them, and acting improperly around workers. Consider requesting shoulder massages from personnel. 2018 saw the separation of Nickelodeon and Schneider. He has also denied all wrongdoing.

McCurdy claimed that when “the Creator” was around, she started to feel “nervous, anxious to please, and scared of falling out of line.” Moreover, her mother did nothing to make those circumstances more bearable. The New York Times quoted McCurdy as saying, “My whole infancy and youth were very exploited.” She further asserts that Nickelodeon made her an offer of $300,000 to remain silent regarding her time spent working for the network. something she turned down.

The Skimm

Fans are getting a firsthand account of Jennette McCurdy’s acting career—which she has since left—in her novel. She is utilising this book to tell and share her story on her terms in a sector of the economy that profiteers off people’s trauma. The National Eating Disorders Association can assist if you or someone you know is battling with disordered eating. Dial 1-800-931-2237 or send an SMS.


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