Jill Biden Criticized For Her Comments On Latino Community

Jill Biden, the first lady, apologised for comments she made at a speech on Monday. The First Lady issues an apology, saying that her comments failed to express her unwavering love and appreciation for the Latino community. After comparing Latino diversity to being as “unique” as “breakfast tacos,” Biden came under fire. First Lady Jill Biden apologised on Tuesday for remarks she made on Monday during a speech in San Antonio, Texas, in which she said that Latino diversity is as “unique” as “breakfast tacos.”

A Biden spokesman, Michael LaRosa, tweeted, “The First Lady regrets that her remarks did not reflect pure affection and love for the Latino community.” The statement was made after Biden faced backlash for comments she made at the annual convention of the Latino advocacy group UnidosUS. While applauding Ral Yzaguirre, a civil rights activist and 30-year former president of UnidosUS, the first lady emphasised the comparison between diversity and inclusion. He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom earlier this month from President Joe Biden.

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She added, “Raul helped develop this organisation with the knowledge that the diversity of our community, as unique as the breakfast tacos here in San Antonio, as lovely as the blossoms of Miami, is your strength.Despite receiving considerable applause from the audience in response to her remarks, the first lady   received some negative feedback online. A statement denouncing Biden’s remarks was posted on Twitter by the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

The group said it urged Dr. Biden and her speechwriting team to spend more time in the future learning about the complexity of its citizens and localities. “The taco is not us. We shouldn’t reduce our background as Latinos to a cliché because it is influenced by many different diasporas, civilizations, and culinary customs.” The remarks were also seized upon by other Republicans.

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