Justin Bieber Returns To Stage After Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

The stage has welcomed back Justin Bieber. The proud Hailey Bieber was present when the pop star took the stage for the first time since receiving the Ramsay Hunt syndrome diagnosis. Justin Bieber made a spectacular comeback on Sunday night in Lucca, Italy, at the Lucca Summer Festival after having to cancel a number of concerts on his Justice World Tour due to facial paralysis that damaged the nerves in his ear and face.

As she proudly observed, the star’s wife recorded a video of him performing topless and posted it to Instagram with the statement, “One thing I know for certain is you can’t keep this guy down.” It happens at the same time as the Baby singer is planned to perform throughout the remainder of 2022 throughout Europe and Australia, with his shows ending in the spring of 2023. Due to a health emergency, he had to cancel 14 gigs; nevertheless, he has not yet released any new US tour dates.

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The Ghost singer recently gave his fans a sympathetic explanation of his illness in a post on his Instagram account, saying: “My facial nerves and ear nerves are both being attacked by this virus, which has paralysed my face. “This eye, as you can see, is not blinking. With this side of my face, I can’t grin. This side of my face is completely paralysed since this nostril won’t budge. For anyone who are disappointed by my postponing the next performances, please understand that I am simply and physically incapable of doing so.

“I wish this weren’t the case, but it is clear that my body is trying to get my attention to slow down. I sincerely hope you can understand that I’ll be taking this time to unwind, relax, and regain my strength so I can carry out the tasks for which I was created.” After thanking his supporters for their encouragement and support, Bieber continued by saying he is doing everything in his power to improve.

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