Critics Have Called Kamala Harris’ “Yellow School Bus” Speech Inostalgic

Republicans made fun of Vice President Kamala Harris after she talked about how much she loved the yellow school bus during an announcement about a new electric school bus programme.

The speech, which took place in Seattle, used the words “yellow,” “school,” and “bus” six times. This has become a joke on Twitter, especially among people on the right.

Harris said that putting money into the electric bus programme would be good for the environment and would also help create jobs in the US.

Kamala Harris Delivers ‘yellow School Bus’ Speech

On October 26, Kamala Harris spoke to a crowd at Seattle’s Lumen Field to talk about the new electric school bus programme. At the beginning of her speech, the Vice President asked the crowd to raise their hands if they “love a yellow school bus.”

“Is there anyone who doesn’t like a yellow school bus?” Harris asked, “Just because, there’s something about the yellow school bus, right? I mean, most of us, a lot of us, took the yellow school bus to school, right? And it’s part of our growing-up experience.”

Harris talked about how it was fun and nostalgic to go to school and see your favourite teacher and best friends. He did this while standing in front of four electric school buses.

The VP said that every day, 25 million kids in the US ride a yellow school bus to school.

Critics Have Called Kamala Harris' "Yellow School Bus" Speech Inostalgic

Recent News-

Kamala Harris Announces Electric School Bus Program

The $1 billion will be given to school districts in all 50 states so that electric school buses can be put into use starting with the next school year.

Harris said that diesel fuel is used to power 95% of school buses, which “contributes to very serious problems with health and the ability to learn.”

Harris said that domestic manufacturing means that jobs can be made in the US. Since the jobs require highly skilled workers, this means more money will be spent on apprenticeships and training programmes, which are “totally aimed” at helping children in the US.

Vice President Mocked For ‘yellow School Bus’ Comments

A video of Harris’s speech quickly went viral on Twitter, and the Vice President was made fun of for using the phrase “yellow school bus” over and over and talking about how nostalgic it made her feel. Critics Have Called Kamala Harris’ “Yellow School Bus” Speech Inostalgic

Someone called it Harris’s “most cringe-worthy moment so far.”

Clay Travis, a radio host, said, “Democrats have been hiding Kamala, but she just had a press conference and talked about yellow school buses. My goodness, they really can’t let her talk in public about anything.”

Comedian Terrence K. Williams called Harris a “embarrassment” and asked on Twitter, “What in the Yellow School Bus is wrong with Kamala Harris?” LORD JESUS HELP US ALL.”

Someone else on Twitter wrote, “Kamala’s speechwriter: You’re going to talk about school buses that are yellow. Kamala: The school bus is yellow. Bus to school is yellow. Bus to school is yellow. Bus to school is yellow. Bus to school is yellow. Bus to school is yellow. Bus to school is yellow. Bus to school is yellow. Writer: “We’re getting better…”

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