Kanye West is Set to Purchase a Right-wing Social Media Platform Parler

According to the CEO of Truth Social, Kanye West’s acquisition of the right-wing social media network Parler is welcomed by Donald Trump and Truth Social. Devin Nunes stated, “We like the idea that Kanye West is purchasing Parler. In order to allow Americans to express their political opinions and prevent citizens from being silenced by “tricky algorithms” and “shadow-banning,” Nunes argued that free speech is “very vital.”

This week, Parler’s owner said that West, who now goes by Ye, had agreed to purchase the platform that Capitol Hill rioters used to rally support. After January 6, Apple and Google’s app stores outlawed it, but they eventually changed their minds after Parler promised to implement content monitoring guidelines.

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The rapper made antisemitic remarks on Twitter less than a week before to the announcement, at which point his account was suspended and the tweet was deleted. Ye said he would welcome Trump to join the platform, which he said would be for those who have been “bullied by the thinking police,” in an interview with Bloomberg this week.

Nunes seems to imply that the only organizations protecting free speech in America this year were Truth Social and Rumble. He continued, “We are essentially creating a complete parallel ecosystem that cannot be destroyed by the Amazons and other major digital firms, as we saw happen to Parler.

The former congressman claimed that the success of Truth Social and the preference of center-right conservatives for the platform Rumble were solely due to the existence of an “open internet.” In fact, censorship in this country was the primary factor in Nunes’ decision to leave Congress, he claimed.

In order to give the American people their voice back, he added, “President Trump and I have put forth here a pretty basic purpose, and that is to reopen the internet.” In order to “take on these tech giants,” the Republican once again endorsed Musk’s purchase of Twitter.

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