Kristie Bezreh Car Accident: Died At The Age Of 31!

Kristie Bezreh Car Accident – Kristie Bezreh died of injuries in a car accident on November 1, 2022. This was a surprise. Kristie was born and raised in Burlington, Vermont. In 2009, she graduated from Burlington High School. Later, she played with her band at the Real School of Music in Burlington and the BHS Battle of the Bands. She began to learn how to play the piano when she was in high school.

Kristie kept playing music after she graduated from high school. She also played rugby, went to Framingham State University, and kept learning. She and some friends started a band called Remember the Grass People. They played their guitars on the campus lawn. Kristie played the guitar and sang backup vocals at their shows, where they sang both their songs and songs by other artists.

She kept writing songs, singing, and learning to play new instruments like the mandolin and banjo as she fell in love with music and performed again. Kristie has been enjoying playing the banjo and singing with her folk-bluegrass band, Gay Uncle with a Shotgun, a lot lately. Kristie used her skills to write songs, get tattoos, and make wood-burned art for her family.

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Kristie started as a behaviour therapist at Beacon ABA Services, where she fell in love with working with autistic kids. After that, she went to Cambridge College and worked at Bierman Autism Centers as a behaviour technician. Kristie got a master’s degree and passed the exam to become certified by the Behavior Analysis Board (BCBA). In January, she quit her job at Bierman and went to work for Journey Autism & Behavioral Care Centers as a BCBA. Kristie liked what she did for a living and cared for her clients with love, patience, and care.

Kristie liked to skate and box to stay in shape. She participated in the 2018 Haymakers for Hope Belles of the Brawl to help raise money for cancer research. She worked at BoxSmith in West Roxbury to prepare for the fight and raised more than $7,000 for cancer research. When she was young, she became interested in martial arts and started learning karate. She later got a black belt for the second level.

Kelley Cronin and Steve Bezreh loved their daughter, Kristie, who was married to Susan Bezreh. She was the sister of Thomas and Stacey Bezreh, who loved her very much. Her stepsister was Sabrina Doyle. Even though Marjorie Cronin had other aunts, uncles, and cousins, she loved having Kristie as her grandchild. Mitchell and Shirley Bezreh and Gerard Cronin, Kristie’s grandparents, died before she did.

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