Kristin Cavallari Opens Up About Her Divorce From Jay Cutler

In a recent interview with the “School of Greatness” podcast, Kristin Cavallari discussed her divorce and said that doing so was “the finest thing I’ve ever done.” After telling the host how her three children “have encouraged me to be the best version of myself,” she made the comment. I can only treat my children as well as I treat myself. I have nothing to offer them if I’m empty.

“Being in a relationship where I was genuinely miserable, that wasn’t going to work for me,” she continued. For a very long time, I had a gut feeling that I had to take action. In addition to it being the “greatest” choice for herself, she claimed that getting a divorce was the scariest thing she had ever done. She had earlier thought back on the breakup and how it had affected her life more generally.

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“What I’ve also learned going through a divorce… [is that] even at our most difficult times — when we think the world is falling apart, we’re always going to be this unhappy, everything is going to always be terrible — we get through it,” the author writes. and when we reflect, we understand why everything occurred, she remarked. Life begins to make sense as we get older, she continued. “Life is right now incredibly exciting for me. And I’m simply prepared for anything comes my way.

In June 2013, Cavallari, 35, wed former NFL quarterback Cutler, 39. Camden, 9, and Jaxon, 8, as well as Saylor, 6, are their children. The “Laguna Beach” graduate dated the then-Chicago Bears quarterback for less than a year before they got married. In 2011, they had a brief engagement. But Cutler reportedly changed his mind three months after popping the question, and US Weekly at the time said that he “blindsided” Cavallari by ending things a week after their engagement party.

Meanwhile, Cutler had “envisioned himself as the sole provider and his wife staying at home,” according to Cavallari’s 2016 autobiography “Balancing in Heels.” In 2020, Page Six broke the exclusive story that Cutler had failed to follow through on his promise to find work in broadcasting after leaving the Bears in 2017 and had turned into “this lethargic, unmotivated guy,” which was one of the main reasons Cavallari ultimately filed for divorce.

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