Lake County Crime Stoppers Offers Prize for Information on Waukegan Hate Crime

Here we are talking about Lake County Crime Stoppers Offers Prize for Information on Waukegan Hate Crime. After vandals, spray-painted swastikas on more than a dozen headstones at a Jewish cemetery in Waukegan, the Lake County Crime Stoppers is now offering a prize for information.

Around eight on Monday morning, the Waukegan Police Department responded to a report of criminal property damage at Waukegan’s Am Echod Jewish Cemetery, located at 3050 Grand Avenue.

Officers arrived to find multiple vandalised headstones, according to Waukegan Deputy Police Chief Joe Florip. The Waukegan Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division was contacted to conduct an investigation.

According to Florip, police discovered 16 substantial headstones vandalised with sizable red swastikas. Officers also found 23 other gravestones that had red spray-painted graffiti on them.

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JB Pritzker, the governor of Illinois, denounced this “evil crime” and pledged his state’s complete assistance in identifying those responsible. According to Pritzker, Illinois State Police officials are in touch with the mayor.

Waukegan Mayor Ann Taylor expressed her “very troubled” and angry response to the offensive picture. According to Taylor, “Hate does not belong in Waukegan; when such occurrences occur, our marginalised neighbours are harmed, and our entire community suffers.”

She continued, “I hope our officers quickly identify the culprits of this heinous act and bring them accountable, and I extend my complete support to those directly affected by this vandalism.”

Lake County Crime Stoppers Offers Prize for Information on Waukegan Hate Crime

According to Waukegan Public Works, they assisted at Am Echod Cemetery to help with the graffiti cleanup. On Tuesday, workers were on the scene power cleaning the paint off the headstones.


“The City came forward to assist and works arduously to combat this kind of hostility. According to Waukegan Public Works, thank you to the personnel who toiled to restore humanity’s confidence and the graves of those whose families had been victimised by vandalism.

In a statement, Lake County Crime Stoppers said they sought information on the crime. Up to $1,000 may be offered as a reward for information that results in an arrest. “This horrible act of bigotry,” according to Ahmed Rehab, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Chicago.

“Desecrating the memory of the deceased with a symbol that recently led to the mindless murder of millions of Jews is an insult not just to living and dead Jews but to all persons of decent conscience.

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We cannot let our Jewish neighbours be alone themselves in such situations for never again to be, Rehab remarked. On Friday, Waukegan police stated that they were still looking for assistance in identifying the individuals responsible.

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