Lake County Experiences More Ruse Burglaries Where Thieves Distract Homeowners and Steal

Residents in Lake County have been warned by the sheriff’s office that ruse burglaries, in which burglars mislead homeowners while other suspects break into their houses to steal, have increased recently. According to Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Northeastern Illinois has experienced an upsurge over the past few weeks, not only in Lake County.

A ruse burglary is one that tempts homeowners outside of their houses using a distraction strategy. Other people enter the house after the homeowner has left and is preoccupied with someone outside. They frequently go after assets like money, jewelry, and other goods to steal.

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According to Covelli, suspects will entice householders outside the home using a variety of justifications. Some of these include assertions that local government has subcontracted the work, fabrications of a broken pipe, and plans for landscape services like tree pruning and fence line disputes.

Some perpetrators will divert residents’ attention inside their houses instead of luring them outside, according to Covelli. There are also times when criminals stay inside the house with the owners in order to divert their attention while other people secretly enter the house. According to Covelli, the crimes typically had senior persons as their intended victims.

Never let someone inside your home without a rescheduled appointment, according to the sheriff’s office. Anyone claiming to be a part of a local government should be required to produce identification. No one should leave their home unattended to a visitor.

According to the sheriff’s office, citizens should keep a closer eye on their senior neighbors and family members by warning them about these criminal tendencies. We urge anyone who notices unusual activity to dial 911.

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