Lake County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Shot At a Suspect When He Drove Toward Him

There is a lake in Florida called Lake Mary. A deputy from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office shot at a vehicle Monday afternoon when the driver started to drive toward the deputy, the Sheriff’s Office said. The deputy was not hurt. It said that deputies were looking for a car that was allegedly linked to an investigation into a stolen credit card being used at a Walmart in Leesburg.

That car was found in the area of Lady Lake. When the deputy tried to stop the car, the driver drove away and a short chase began, the agency said. It came to an end when the suspect car came to a gated mobile home park in Leesburg. “The deputy came up behind it and got out of his car,” says Lt. John Herrell of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. “But when they got to the gate, the suspect did a three-point turn and drove toward the deputy.”

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“At that point, he opened fire.” Lt. Herrell said that three people were inside the car at the time of the shooting. They allegedly left the car and ran away. All three were taken into custody at some point. The Sheriff’s Office said that two people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, and they were taken there.

It’s not clear if they were shot, chased, or ran away from the car after they were hurt. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will look into the shooting, which is what happens when a law enforcement officer is shot.

Herrell: “There was a Howie police officer who saw the three crossing 27 on foot, so they zig-zagged behind these buildings as they made their way to Dunkin’ Donuts.”Sheriff’s deputies caught the people they were looking for about an hour into the chase.

It’s thought that two men were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds that aren’t thought to be life-threatening. He thinks there are other law enforcement agencies in Central Florida that have been following these three suspects.

He told me that one of them was out on bail because of a burglary charge that they had. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is looking into the shooting of a deputy by another officer.

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