Lake County Sheriff Training Facility Project Started


The new Lake County Sheriff’s Training Facility has recently begun construction, with the first phase scheduled for completion by next spring. Current range facilities for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office can be found in Painesville Township at 2041 Blasé Nemeth Road.

A multi-jurisdictional training complex was approved for funding after a meeting between Sheriff Frank Leonbruno and county commissioners last fall. Earlier in the year, the board of directors passed a resolution intended to move the company forward.

It has been reported that the current location has been serving its purpose since the 1980s. However, there was nothing on the property beside an old trailer and a shooting range. There were no places to learn or modernised classrooms available.

“This is yet another example of our commitment to law enforcement in Lake County,” said Commissioner John Hamercheck, addressing the crowd. “At the end of the day, we’re going to give you every opportunity to have the confidence to train and to know you’re going to go home every night to your families.

“Our Sheriff’s Office and local officers deserve state-of-the-art facilities and this investment will begin to address their needs,” he added.

Leonbruno stated that after discussing the project with the county’s police chiefs, it was apparent that the need to construct a facility all police department partners could use was evident and would prove beneficial.

“This is a long time coming,” he added. It is critical to have officers who are well-trained and capable of working together and adjusting to unforeseen circumstances. Our community has advanced to the point where point-and-shoot training is no longer adequate for law enforcement.

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“Working solo, today, is no longer acceptable,” Leonbruno added. “We have 27 police and fire agencies throughout Lake County….and the better we can work hand-in-hand, to use our resources, the better protected our public will be, the better our officers will be trained, and the better protected they will be as individuals. This will make a big difference.”

There will be a new multi-purpose training building at the facility that can be used for a variety of purposes, from classroom instruction to the practise of defensive tactics to the operation of a shooting simulator to help officers prepare for everything from crisis negotiations to the use of deadly force.

While a new precision rifle range is built, the current two outdoor shooting range stations will continue to be used. Moreover, numerous divisions will conduct concurrent drills all through the year. The estimated $9,00,000 project is included in the county’s capital plan for public safety.

“I am grateful to Sheriff Leonbruno for his vision and dedication to public safety,” said Commissioner John Plecnik. “As with all professions, continuing education and training of our law enforcement agencies is key in providing high-quality safety service to our residents and businesses.”

The Sheriff’s Office will still be responsible for overseeing range operations, but they will collaborate with other agencies to ensure that their officers have regular access to the training facility.

“I continue to be impressed with the county’s public safety agencies and this starts with the Sheriff’s Office,” added Commissioner Mark Tyler. “I am honored to support such a valuable project and the impact it will have in Lake County.”

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