Lake County: More Update About Sheriff’s Deputy Shooting at Suspects’ Car

LADY LAKE, CALIFORNIA — New information about the cop-involved shooting of suspects in a car who reportedly tried to run the deputy over during a traffic check is becoming available. The deputy’s name has not been revealed because the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the event that occurred on Monday afternoon. However, three suspects have been identified by the sheriff’s office.

Three people have been named: Jeffrey Gilbert, 20, the driver; Pierre D’Hait, 20, the front seat passenger; and Calvin Williams, 20, the back seat passenger. The deputy had received a report of shoplifting at the Leesburg Walmart when he saw the suspect’s white Dodge Charger heading north on US 27/441 at 3:40 p.m. According to sheriff Lt. John Herrell, the motorist pulled into the entrance to Water Oaks Estates.

Because a gate was blocking the car, the driver made a three-point turn. The deputy got out of his car at that point and ordered the car to come to a complete stop. When the car approached him, he fired the rounds, according to sheriff’s Lt. John Herrell. The car then took off. Deputies followed the vehicle to the Country Life mobile home park, roughly 10 miles south of Leesburg.

The car careened down a deeply rutted dirt road, and the three suspects jumped out and ran. They were arrested near a Dunkin’ doughnut shop on US Highway 27. Employees informed deputies they observed the three hanging around the restroom. Deputies discovered a glass jar, scales, and 2-gallon type lock plastic bags when the males were arrested. The bags and jars were filled with marijuana.

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Two of the suspects were sent to Orlando Regional Medical Center with injuries that were not life-threatening. There were at least two bullet holes in the windows of the car that were fired. One of the men was released from the hospital on Tuesday. Two people, Williams and D’Haiti, were arrested and charged with having more than 20 grams of marijuana and having drugs with the intent to sell them.

Gilbert was charged with both of these crimes as well as aggravated assault with a motor vehicle on a police officer. The deputy has been placed on administrative leave while the Florida Department of Law Enforcement conducts an investigation, which is a customary procedure.

A Case From 2021

A sheriff’s deputy shot and injured a man in a wooded area near DeLand last year. In that case, residents called the sheriff’s office to report an armed man spooking horses in a pasture in the 43000 block of Cooter Pond Road. Because he was trespassing on private property, his neighbors told him to leave.

The man, Daniel P. Sayre, ran away from the police. When deputies caught up with him, he didn’t follow orders to stop moving and grabbed Deputy Brian Schneider’s rifle barrel, which led to him being shot and killed. When Sayre was shot, he didn’t have a weapon with him, but neighbors claimed they saw him with a homemade spear, a long rifle, or a stick.

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Wildlife authorities discovered a shotgun in the area where Sayre had fled. Sayre faces charges of armed trespassing, firearm possession by a convicted felon, and resisting arrest without violence. He had already been convicted of aggravated assault with a firearm.
Sayre’s sister, who had come to take him up at his request, stated that he is mentally sick.

That shooting was also looked into by the FDLE, which is standard procedure. Schneider was cleared by the State Attorney’s Office and returned to the department, but only after receiving remedial training. Deputies are advised to keep their finger on the trigger guard rather than the trigger until they are ready to fire, according to Herrell.

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