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Lake Schools Superintendent releases report on first 100 days

Lake Schools Superintendent releases report on first 100 days

Lake County Florida Education —

Well the kids are back and school and despite the kids end to the summer many parents are now giving a sigh of glee, and back to a winter and Christmas is coming type of routine.

If you have not had a chance to read Lake County School Superintendent Diane Kornegay, M.Ed.,  here is a brief synopsis released by Lake County Schools.

“My first 100 days as Superintendent of Lake County Schools have been the most rewarding days of my career in education,” she says in the opening pages of the report. “I’ve determined that Lake County can and will become a destination school district; a place where every student wants to be, a place where every teacher wants to be.”

The report reflects back on the 100-day plan she submitted to the School Board late last year as officials sought a replacement for Susan Moxley, Ed.D., who was nearing retirement. It provides an overview of Ms. Kornegay’s accomplishments, observations, and recommendations to help guide future school and district improvement. Additionally, it was reviewed as part of her recent performance evaluation in which the School Board gave her high marks – a cumulative average of 4.313 out of a possible 5 points.

In the plan, Ms. Kornegay established five goals:

  • Enhance the School Board and Superintendent Relationship
  • Build Public Trust, Open Communication and Collaboration
  • Evaluate the Strategic Finance Plan to Determine Budget Priorities
  • Evaluate the Instructional Structures, Programs and Policies
  • Evaluate Operations and Facilities to Enhance Safety and Maximize Resources

Over the past several months, she has accomplished those goals while recognizing there is still work to do in each of the five areas.

For example, in evaluating the Strategic Finance Plan to determine budget priorities, Ms. Kornegay led district staff in a review of all school and district department budgets. Programs and contracts that were not improving student achievement were eliminated, district department reorganized and a regional support system created, which reduced salaries by more than $171,000.

Then, after workshops with the board and input from teachers and members of the community, Ms. Kornegay recommended new priorities for 2017-18:

  1. Improve Career and Technical Programs, CTE, at all middle and high schools.
  2. Expand acceleration options for all students.
  3. Establish and support a common vision for instruction.

Also this school year, the district will launch a pilot program at Leesburg Elementary to study the impact of extended learning time on improving student achievement. The program will include extended learning time four days a week for students who need it, and it will include academic tutoring along with a drama enrichment program.

Similarly, in the area of instructional structures, practices and policies, Ms. Kornegay and her staff analyzed data from the 2017 state assessments to determine the district’s areas of strengths and those that need more attention. As part of a curriculum review, she led an evaluation of the use of computer-based instructional programs and determined the need for clear guidelines that specify how they should be used, how often they should be used and for whom they should be used.

To improve teaching and learning in Lake County, Ms. Kornegay has instructed staff to focus on three essentials: what we teach, how we teach and authentic literacy – purposeful reading, writing, talking and thinking.

Additionally, she has recommended that professional development be aligned to provide teachers and leaders the support they need to ensure a clear and strategic focus on the identified best practices for improving student achievement. She will use monthly classroom visits with principals and assistant principals to develop and support school leaders, not micro-manage them, and she and staff will continue their listen-and-learn visits with teachers and students.

Click here to see the full report, which is posted on the district web site.

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