Lisa Net Worth 2022: How Much Is Blackpink Net Worth 2022?

Thai rapper, singer, and dancer Lisa (sometimes spelled Manoban; born Pranpriya Manobal, March 27, 1997) is residing in South Korea. YG Entertainment’s Blackpink, of which she is a member, is a South Korean girl group. Lisa, Lisa’s first solo album, was released in September 2021. To date, she is the only female artist in South Korea to have sold more than 736,000 copies of her debut album in a single week of sales. YouTube’s most-viewed music video by a solo artist in a 24-hour period was the music video for the lead single of the same name.

Originally known as Pranpriya Manobal, Lalisa was officially changed to Lalisa at the suggestion of a fate teller in order to bring success to her family. Being an only child, she was brought up by her Swiss stepfather and Thai mother in Thailand. Chitthip Brüschweiler is the name of Lisa’s mother. Marco Brüschweiler, a well-known chef who is currently based in Thailand, is her stepfather. Both Praphamontree School I and II were attended by Lisa as a high school student.

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Lisa’s Early Life

Starting at the age of four, she began competing in dancing competitions, including “To Be Number One,” and later joined We Zaa Cool, a group that included BamBam of Got7. LG Entertainment Million Dream Sanan World, carried on Channel 9, awarded the group with the “Special Team” Award in September 2009. For “Top 3 Good Morals of Thailand,” held by the Moral Promotion Center in early 2009, Lisa was a school representative and finished second.

Lisa, at 13, went to Thailand in 2010 to try out for the South Korean record firm YG Entertainment. For as long as she can remember, Lisa has been fascinated with K-pop idols, particularly Big Bang and 2NE1. There were 4,000 candidates, and only Lisa met the requirements, prompting YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-suk to offer her a position as a trainee. When Lisa appeared in the tryouts for the show, Danny I’m of 1TYM praised her on-stage confidence and off-stage demeanor.

As a trainee in 2011, Lisa relocated to South Korea and began her five-year formal training program. As their first non-Korean trainee, she joined the company on April 11, 2011. Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” music video included her as a background dancer alongside members of iKon and Winner in November 2013. A year after Moonshot and Nona9on hired Lisa as a model, the streetwear brand hired her for its spring 2015 campaign.

Lisa’s Personal Life


Buddhism holds a special place in Lisa Blackpink’s heart. She is an expert in the languages of Thailand, Korea, Japan, and English, and she favors the cuisine and culture of the West. Lisa of Blackpink revealed to her followers during an interview that she is not allowed to date, smoke, or drink alcohol due to her contract with her agency. As a result, she is not dating anyone at the moment and does not have a partner.

Lisa’s Net Worth

Lisa is the maknae of BLACKPINK as well as the Thai main dancer, lead rapper, and sub-vocalist for the group. Lisa is widely regarded as one of the most talented female dancers in the K-pop industry due to the razor-sharp dance lines and dominating stage presence she possesses. Lisa has quickly risen to become one of the most recognized Asians in the world since she made her debut in 2016.

It is estimated that BLACKPINK has a collective net worth of 24 million dollars. The band members all bring in the same amount of money as a result of the music they put out and the activities they partake in together as a unit. The member of BLACKPINK known as Lisa reportedly has a net worth of $10 million, as reported by

Lisa’s Career

Lisa made her debut in August 2016 as one of the four members of the South Korean girl group Blackpink. She was also the first member of the group who was not of Korean ethnicity to make her debut under the agency. Blackpink made their first appearance with the release of the single album Square One, which featured the main singles “Whistle” and “Boombayah.”

The premiere of “Whistle” resulted in an “all-kill,” meaning that the song was at the top of every chart in South Korea. As of October 2020, the group has released two studio albums titled Blackpink in Your Area and The Album, as well as two single albums titled Square One and Square Two, three extended plays titled Blackpink, Square Up, and Kill This Love, and two extended plays titled Kill This Love.

Real Man 300, a military-themed variety show broadcast on MBC, has announced that Lisa will be joining the cast of the Korea Army Academy edition of the show as a permanent cast member beginning on September 21, 2018. Since making her debut, this show was the first time she had a recurring part on a television program. Her performance was enough to earn her the honor of “Character of the Year” at the unofficial awards given out by the 2018 MBC Entertainment Awards.

Lisa acted as the dance coach during the entirety of the second season of the Chinese girl group survival program Youth With You, which aired on iQIYI in March of 2020. In the third season of the Chinese reality television about boy bands surviving, “Youth With You,” she made her return as the dancing instructor in February of 2021.

On April 19, 2021, an official from YG Entertainment disclosed to the South Korean media outlet The Korea Herald that Lisa would debut as the third soloist from her group with schedules later to be officially announced through a notice. YG Entertainment had previously stated that the debuts of the other soloists would be officially announced later. Her record label announced on July 12 through Star News that the production of the music video for her artist is already underway.

On September 10, 2021, Lisa’s debut single album, titled Lalisa, along with the album’s lead song, also titled Lalisa, were both made available for purchase. As soon as it was made available online, the music video for “Lalisa” quickly surpassed the previous record-holder, Taylor Swift’s “Me!” featuring Brendon Urie, which had received 65.2 million views in the first 24 hours after its release. “Lalisa” currently holds the record for the most-viewed video by a solo artist in a single day.

The song made its debut on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at position number 84, and it became Lisa’s first top-ten success on the Billboard Global 200 chart, where it debuted at position number two. In its first week of release in Korea, the single album sold a total of 736,221 copies, which not only established a new record for the greatest first-week sales total among all female artists but also made Lisa the first female soloist to achieve a total of 500,000 copies in first-week sales.

After the success of the A-side track, the B-side track “Money” was sent as the album’s second single to contemporary hit radio in the United States. It reached number 90 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number ten on the Billboard Global 200, earning Lisa her second career entry on both charts and her second top-ten global hit, respectively.

Final Words

More than 75 million people follow Lisa Black on Instagram, making her one of the most well-liked celebrities on the platform. When she has time, she likes to share details of both her personal and professional life with her admirers.

So, there was Lisa Blackpink’s life story. Before you get to know Lisa, you need to know what K-pop is. It is our hope that you will find this blog interesting. Comment below and tell us what you thought of this post.

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