Living With Yourself Season 2: All The Possible Details About It!

No other series can boast of having double the Paul Rudd as Netflix’s eight-episode comedy Living with Yourself. With his two-timing performance as down-on-his-luck Miles and upbeat New Miles, Rudd once again charmed critics and spectators alike. In the midst of his existential crisis, a peculiar spa treatment duplicates Miles, forcing him to confront the meaning of, well, living with oneself. His clone has his memories and body, but he’s a happier, perkier version of Miles who seems to simply be better at living. Alongside their wife Kate (Aisling Bea), the sitcom turns the difficult possibility of addressing your imperfections into an emotionally based comedy.

Despite Kate’s announcement of her pregnancy at the end of Season 1, there is still some doubt as to which Miles is the biological father. The three of them share a bear hug as they rejoice in their good fortune while also acknowledging that this is an unusual occurrence. Both the players and the supporters are scratching their heads, “Where do we proceed from here?” Everything we know so far about season 2 is listed below. Officially, the show has never been given a thumbs up or thumbs down in future seasons. As with many other Netflix shows, this one has remained popular since its first release.

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The show’s status was most recently addressed by Matt Mitovich and Ryan Schwartz for TVLine who picked out a handful of shows that have gone MIA in recent years. ‘Sources corroborate that series lead (leads?)’ they remark. Season 2 of Paul Rudd is not expected because he just signed a one-season contract. What we feel is the situation is Living with Yourself has gone on a permanent pause with the option of it returning in the future. The same has happened with a few other high-profile Netflix shows including Master of None (which is supposedly shortly coming back after a few years on vacation) and David Fincher’s Mindhunter although in that scenario it looks improbable.

The fact that Paul Rudd has grown into an international sensation will undoubtedly have an impact on his eventual comeback. As Ant-Man, his filming schedule is already jam-packed with appearances in Marvel movies and TV shows including The Shrink Next Door on Apple TV+ and Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Aisling Bea, who played Kate Elliot in the film, is currently filming Sweet Dreams and Home Alone for Disney+.

Because the stars aren’t bound to the show by options, that means the only way to return would be an alignment in schedules which is historically very hard. So, in conclusion, the show’s survival is likely completely in the hands of Paul Rudd wanting to do more and signing on for a second season. Until then, the show is on permanent pause and as such, you shouldn’t get your hopes up for a second season.

Living With Yourself Season 2 Plot

In a second season, he speculated: “I imagine things happening in totally different regions and time periods — things happening that are really tied to our fundamental plot but that you could not possibly imagine now.” That sounds like the potential for more clones even if the details are sketchy. Is it possible that someone else was cloned along with Miles and made it out alive? THR spoke to Greenberg about the show’s wider universe, and he said: “If everyone involved in the world wishes to see more, then more can be done. This world and its characters could be expanded upon in the future if there is interest.” This would necessitate Rudd and Bea’s participation; however, additional characters may be added to the mix.

if Netflix does renew Living with Yourself, fans may rest comfortably knowing that Timothy Greenberg has lots of ideas for it. At one point in his interview with THR, he said that the show’s first season was almost cut short because of an unresolved mystery involving people other than those we know and love. There’s no doubt about it: “There’s still a part of me that wants the story to take a dark turn in the conclusion and reveal something else. If we do a second season, I could always stick that onto the beginning. I’ve come up with at least six ways to kick off a second season.”

A second season would allow the show to explore the more sinister implications of cloning as well. “I don’t think we’ve even begun to scratch the surface of what it means to live with oneself.” Greenberg made the statement. He stated that the immediate problem of the two Miles is solved, thus the series would have to evolve past that.

The second season of Paul Rudd’s hit show Living with Yourself, about a man dealing with a crazy but sympathetic midlife crisis may be just as excellent. For now, however, we’ll have to wait and see what fate awaits the series.

Living With Yourself Season 2 Cast And Characters

Living With Yourself Season 2 cast
Living With Yourself Season 2 cast

Paul Rudd In 1992, he was cast as Kirby Philby in the television series Sisters, where he remained until 1995. He is an American actor, comedian, writer, and producer.

Aisling Bea is an Irish actress, comedian, and writer best known for her role as Kate Elliot in the Netflix film Living with Yourself was born in Dublin, Ireland.

Alia Shawkat is a well-known actress in the United States. Most notably, she has played Hannah Rayburn in the drama series State of Grace and Maeby Fünke in the comedy series Arrested Development, which airs on Netflix and Fox (2003-2006, 2013-2019).

Desmin Borges in the United States, she’s a well-known actor and actress. On Netflix and Fox, she is best known for her roles as Hannah Rayburn in the drama State of Grace and Maeby Fünke in the comedy Arrested Development (2003-2006, 2013-2019).

Other Cast: Karen PittmanZoe Chao,   Rob Yang, James Seol

Living With Yourself Season 2 Release Date: Are We Getting It or Not?

As creator Timothy Greenberg told The Hollywood Reporter, “The series was always supposed to be a gratifying single season.” “Paul had never worked on television before. He was anxious about getting part in an open-ended undertaking and portraying a role for the rest of his life.” Greenberg clarified, though, that a second season isn’t out of the question. Netflix has yet to decide whether or not to renew Living with Yourself for a second season.

Living With Yourself Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer of season 2 is not released right now. We have given a link to the previous season if you want to watch it.


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