Marilyn Monroe’s Net Worth: How Rich She Was When Marilyn Was Alive?

Marilyn Monroe was renowned for being one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actresses in the 1950s. She made appearances in a number of amazing movies, including The Seven Year Itch, Niagara, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, How to Marry a Millionaire, and There’s No Business Like Show Business. With so many commercially successful movies under her belt, Monroe was never short of cash. But regrettably, a barbiturate overdose claimed the pop icon’s life at the age of 36.

After modeling for the Blue Book Model Agency in the late 1940s, Marilyn Monroe began her acting career. She appeared in supporting roles in films including Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay! and Dangerous Years. She later received her first leading role in the musical movie Ladies of the Chorus, but the production failed to find success.

Prior to beginning to land parts in critically acclaimed films, Monroe continued to act in tiny roles and model on the side. Her contributions were still limited, but she started to become more well-known. Then, Monroe was embroiled in a scandal in which her scanty images were made public. She gained even more popularity and was elevated to the role of a sex symbol after openly confessing to taking the images. Monroe would star in three films in 1953, becoming one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood. Before her death in 1962, she would go on to star in eight more movies. Something’s Got to Give, her eighth and final film, was never completed.

What was Marilyn Monroe’s estimated value at the time of her death? Below, we provide an answer to this query.

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Marilyn Monroe’s Net Worth: How Rich She Was?

At the time of her passing, Monroe had a net worth of $800,000, which is now believed to be $7 million. Monroe was rumored to be a huge spender. She blew a lot of cash on her property, jewels, clothes, and other things. She was also very giving to her friends, family, and coworkers. However, after different settlement expenses and estate duties, her net worth was reduced to $370,000, which is equivalent to around $3.5 million today.

Monroe had a will in place as well, Monroe handed half-sister and longtime helper Berniece Miracle $10,000. She also established a $5,000 education trust fund for Berniece’s child. Monroe established a $100,000 trust fund for her mother, Gladys Pearl Baker, from which she got $5,000 a year.

She donated her acting mentor, Lee Strasberg, her tangible property as well as 75% of her intellectual property rights. Her therapist, Dr. Marianne Kris, received the remaining 25%.

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 Marilyn Monroe: Cause of Death

In the late hours of Saturday, August 4, 1962, Marilyn Monroe overdosed on barbiturates in her Brentwood residence at 12305 Fifth Helena Drive in Los Angeles. On the morning of August 5, her body was discovered.

On August 4th, Monroe passed away in Brentwood. At different times, psychiatrist Ralph Greenson, photographer Lawrence Schiller, and publicist Patricia Newcomb were all present. To keep Monroe company, Murray stayed the entire night. On Sunday, August 5, around three in the morning, she entered Monroe’s room and discovered herself suffocated and lifeless.

Greenson received a call from Murray and arrived quickly to see Monroe dead. The Los Angeles County coroner believes she overdosed, suffered from mood swings, and had suicidal ideas. She had taken a lot of barbiturates, so an accidental overdose was ruled out because there was no indication of wrongdoing. On August 8, Monroe was laid to rest at Westwood Memorial Park in a crypt built by her former husband Joe DiMaggio.

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