Marshalltown Remembers Teen Killed In Car Collision

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa (KCCI) – People in Marshalltown are still sad about the accident that killed four teenagers last week.

Adrian, who was 13, his brother Isacc, who was 16, Linette, who was 15, and Yanitza, who was 17, were the four people killed.

The car they were in hit a utility pole around 11 p.m. last Friday in the 1800 block of South 6th Street. All four people in the car died. Then the car caught on fire.

The night it happened, Marshalltown Police Chief Michael Tupper was there. He said the accident was one of the worst things he had seen in his many years as a police officer.

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Marshalltown Remembers Teen Killed In Car Collision

“I will keep the families and friends of these students in my thoughts and prayers,” Chief Tupper said. “I’ve only heard good things about these kids, that they’re great. It’s terrible for our community.”

Chief Tupper also said that the Iowa State Patrol is helping to figure out what caused the crash that killed people.

He said that the speed and condition of the road were probably factors.

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