Mccarthy and Gabbard Help South Carolina’s Mace

In the final week before the midterm elections, Republican U.S. Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina is receiving support from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other politicians as she runs for a second term representing her rapidly expanding district.

Francis Suarez, the Cuban American politician in charge of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, and Mace will appear together on Wednesday at a gathering in Mount Pleasant, close to Charleston, according to Mace’s campaign. The following day, Tulsi Gabbard, a former Democratic representative from Hawaii who had declared her departure from the party, is having a rally for her campaign alongside Mace in a Mount Pleasant restaurant.

McCarthy, a Republican from California, will support Mace on Saturday at an event in downtown Charleston where her campaign projects will raise $100,000. “These leaders are here to remind Lowcountry people that Nancy Mace is an independent voice for them in Washington, and they represent a broad range of voters – Republican, Democrat, and Independent “Austin McCubbin, the campaign manager for Mace, told the AP on Monday.

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The appearances come as Mace gears up to square off against Democrat Annie Andrews, a doctor from the Charleston region who has attacked Mace for being too lax on gun safety while positioning herself as an advocate for kids. During her first tenure, Mace ran on a platform of bipartisan legislation, but she also sought to undermine Andrews’ support for children by charging the physician with “child abuse” for supposedly endorsing gender-affirming procedures on youngsters.

Andrews reacted in their lone debate by saying she opposed such operations on youngsters but supported “evidence-based medical therapy, with parental agreement, for teens grappling with gender identity challenges.”

The only one of South Carolina’s seven House districts with recent turnover is the 1st District, which covers a large portion of the state’s southern coast. Despite losing the seat to Mace two years later, Democrat Joe Cunningham made history in 2018 by being the first Democrat in decades to convert any of the state’s seats from red to blue.

However, the boundaries were changed for this year’s election, which may have increased the likelihood that the GOP will hold power in the region compared to previous elections. Along with being among the top 10 fastest-growing districts in the nation, demographic changes have an impact on the political landscape of the region.

Katie Arrington, a former state house member who had the support of former president Donald Trump, mounted a fierce primary challenge against Mace. Arrington had asked for “any interest from good and SMART America First Republican Patriots” to run against a list of incumbent House Republicans, including Mace.

Because of her criticism of him after the uprising on January 6, despite the fact that Trump actively campaigned against Mace during her primary, he eventually offered her his congratulations when she won.

As the balance of power in the House remains uncertain following the midterm elections, McCarthy has been canvassing for GOP House candidates across the nation. He praised Mace’s work while he was in South Carolina earlier this year to perform at a fundraiser for the state Republican Party “tenacious work ethic, prudent track record, and capacity for action.

Suarez, a registered Republican who won uncontested reelection last year, recently raised the notion of competing for president in 2024, portraying himself as unafraid to defy his party’s elite. Suarez, who didn’t support Trump in the 2020 election, has criticized Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis for his choice to oppose local governments from enacting mask laws during the COVID-19 outbreak. DeSantis is a candidate Suarez didn’t support in the 2018 election.

Before leaving the Democratic Party earlier this year, Gabbard sought the party’s nomination for the 2020 presidential election. She has been campaigning alongside several Republican candidates for the midterm elections, including Utah Sen. Mike Lee, Michigan governor candidate Tudor Dixon, Arizona gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake, and Nevada Senate candidate Adam Laxalt.

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