Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 108: When Will It Release? Latest Updates 2022

Mercenary Enrollment is one of the most popular weekly military-themed Manhwa. It was written by YC, and Rak Hyun was responsible for the illustrations. On November 6, 2020, Studio JHS began the production and distribution of Mercenary Enrollment on the Naver Series platform, which is used for publishing books and comics. This event took place on the date. Navar Webtoon, a website based in Korea that publishes graphic novels, eventually acquired the magazine and began publishing under its name.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 108 Overview

Ijin Yu was only eight years old when both of his parents perished in an aircraft disaster. As a result, he was left stranded in a different nation and was compelled to work as a child mercenary in order to make a living. When he goes back to Korea ten years from now, he and the rest of his family will have no trouble finding adequate food and lodging there.

On the other hand, Jin would quickly discovers that surviving as a teenager brings an entirely new set of challenges to face. Because Ijin just has one more year of high school remaining, he needs to come up with innovative strategies for navigating the classroom in order to succeed. How much longer will he be allowed to continue his studies at the high school level?

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Mercenary Enrollment: A Review Of The Chapter 107 Synopsis

Ijin Yu’s parents were killed in an aircraft crash when he was eight years old, which compelled him to become a child mercenary and fight for his family’s honour. After ten years have passed, he will go back to Korea in order to supply his family with necessities like food and a roof over their heads.

Ijin would know very quickly that surviving puberty is a completely distinct experience from anything else in life. Because Ijin has only one year left in high school, he needs to think of creative ways to travel in order to get there on time. How long does he plan to be a student at the high school? Alternatively, is the school capable of dealing with him?

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 108 Release Date

When this book was being written, the raw scans for Mercenary Enlistment Chapter 108 were not yet accessible. In most cases, raw scans like this will begin to circulate online three to four days before the publication date of the actual book. You can find them in communities on the internet such as 4chan and Reddit. As a result, we anticipate that the week of October 27, 2022, will be open for bookings.

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