The Midwest Shooting Center Has Opened in Sylvania

Toby Barta joined the Midwest Shooting Center as soon as he could after it had recently opened a new location in an abandoned shopping center on Sylvania Avenue. The Sylvania homeowner exclaimed, “It’s wonderful,” as she toured the just-opened building. “This place doesn’t resemble The Andersons Market any longer.”

People were queuing up at the door minutes before the Saturday grand opening, eager to enter and witness the new shooting range and shopping center that was initially revealed in 2020. CEO of Midwest Shooting Center David Sabo expressed excitement about the company’s debut and satisfaction with the first day’s attendance. The center had over 1,300 members signed up before it opened, making it the biggest pre-opening membership push the business has ever had.

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The Ohio House approves “permitless” concealed handgun carrying. We are ecstatic about everything here, he continued. We believe that this time, the stars simply aligned. According to Mr. Sabo, the business already had operations in Lima, Ohio; Fort Wayne, Indiana; and Pittsburgh. This year, it intends to expand into Dayton, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and perhaps Detroit.

The idea of building a shooting range there faced considerable criticism before Sylvania City Council approved the project last year. The center’s proximity to Southview High School, noise, and safety were all listed as concerns by opponents.

Mr. Sabo claimed that company management gave a private tour to persons with reservations a few weeks ago and feels that did assist allay some anxiety about the company. According to him, it is an indoor range that is subject to stringent noise control and safety regulations.

Additionally, Mr. Sabo noted that Midwest is a public facility where anybody can walk in and shop or use the range, despite the fact that memberships are promoted as offering discounts, unlimited range time, visitor passes, and sneak peeks at new products.

Considering how chilly it was outside, general manager Ashley Sarrica admitted that she was a little taken aback by the long lines of people waiting to enter the store, but she added that it was encouraging to see how enthusiastic and eager people had been. The situation has been excellent, she reported.

Steve Mynihan, a Sylvania native, visited the opening with his father, William, to see what Midwest had to offer. Both parties expressed their admiration, and Mr. Mynihan was pleased that an indoor range would be accessible so near to his house. When you’re an hour away, it’s quite difficult to practice with firearms, he said.

Mr. Barta commutes to and from work by passing the structure on his route from his adjacent home. While acknowledging that having more occupied buildings is good for the community, he said he misses The Andersons Specialty Food Market, which closed in 2016 about a year before the firm also liquidated its other local retail stores. They’re going to be quite busy, said Mr. Barta.

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