Mini Lobster Season 2022: What You Need To Know?

Long, muscular tails and a home on the sea floor are the characteristics of lobsters. One pair of each leg has claws, with the first pair being significantly larger than the other three. lobsters are highly appreciated as a seafood item and are often one of the most valuable commodities in the coastal places they inhabit.

Two species of Homarus (which appear more like the traditional lobster) from the northern Atlantic Ocean, as well as scampi (which look more like shrimp or a “little lobster”) from the northern and southern hemispheres of the world, are commercially important.

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Mini Lobster Season 2022: July 27 – 28

Preparation for the main lobster season, which begins on August 6, begins with a mini lobster season. What precisely is this? Recreational fishers can catch spiny lobsters before commercial vessels during this two-day annual event. July 27 and 28 are this year’s dates for the “mini lobster” season.

Despite its name, mini lobster season isn’t a free for all. On and off the water, there are a number of restrictions that are enforced. To make the most of the mini lobster season in Monroe County, familiarise yourself with the county’s rules and regulations.

Key West Lobsterfest 2022: August 11 – 14

The Key West Lobsterfest is the best place to celebrate the spiny lobster season with a lobster boil. This annual festival, now in its 25th year, brings lobster fans to Key West to indulge in one of the island’s most beloved crustaceans. Lobster boils, lobster brunches, Duval Street beer crawls, street fairs, live music, and more are all part of the summer’s greatest party.

August 11th marks the annual lobster boil at the historic Porter Mansion, 429 Caroline Street. It has fresh lobster, big shrimp, andouille sausage, and more in an amazing seafood buffet. The annual Duval Street Pub Crawl will take place on August 12th, with bars including Schooner Wharf, Smokin’ Tuna Saloon, and Durty Harry’s participating in the festivities.

Mini Lobster
Mini Lobster

It’s a terrific way to kick off the festivities and raise money for Key West High School’s Scholarship Fund, even though the pub crawl has nothing to do with lobsters. As an additional perk, you’ll receive an official 25th annual Lobsterfest t-shirt and a bottle opener and lanyard.

Florida Lobster Season 2022: August 6 – March 31

Out-of-towners rejoice: Lobster season spans eight lovely months of the year. A visit to Key West at this time period is highly recommended since you’ll likely observe fishermen unloading fresh spiny lobster hauls from the historic seaport. You’ll be able to eat the delicious crustacean right off your platter, too.

The meat of the tail of a spiny lobster is far more flavorful than that of the claws of a northern spiny lobster. The crab legs-like flavor of the spiny lobster makes it a good substitute for Maine lobster in dishes. Some of the greatest lobster restaurants in Key West are listed here.

Catching Florida Spiny Lobsters

Are you interested in trying your hand at lobster fishing? Always check dates and regulations with Florida Fish and Wildlife before heading out on the water (FWC). It’s possible to “tickle” a lobster out of its shell using several methods. Make sure your lobster is the correct size by checking it with a tickle stick, a net, and a ruler. A tickle stick (three-foot-long rod with an angled tip) can be used to gently guide a lobster out of its hiding place once you’ve found one.

Make sure your net is positioned behind the lobster as soon as they emerge from the water. There are spiny lobster fishing charters available on the island if you’d like some assistance. Are you curious as to what’s in store? See Salt Strong’s advice on catching lobster without scuba gear in the Florida Keys.

Where to Eat Florida Spiny Lobster in Key West?

Get a plate and bib ready if you’re in the mood to eat some lobster. Spiny lobster can only be found in season, unlike Maine lobster, which is available year-round. Choose from lobster benedict at Blue Heaven, Lobster Mac N’ Cheddar from The Flaming Buoy Filet Company, Lobster Rolls with Key Lime Juice from DJ’s Clam Shack, a Lobster Salad Sandwich from The Blind Pig Food Truck, Lobster Thermidor from A&B Lobster House, and Lobster Oscar from A&B Lobster House, among many other delicious Maine lobster dishes.

Spiny lobster may be found at Blue Heaven, Conch Republic Seafood Company, and The Stone Crab, where you can order surf and turf with fillet and spiny lobster (to try their tender, whole Florida lobster filled with a sauteed seafood stuffing). Check out our list of the best places to eat lobster in Key West if you’re looking for additional local recommendations. You can find out how to eat Florida spiny lobster here.

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