Money Heist Korea Season 2: Is Money Heist La Casa De Papel Same?

Money Heist (Spanish: La casa de Papel, “The House of Paper”) is a Spanish heist crime drama television series that was produced by lex Pina and based on a novel of the same name. The series follows the Professor’s (Alvaro Morte) long-planned robberies of the Royal Mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain, as seen through the eyes of one of the criminals, Tokyo (Ursula Corberó).

The series was originally planned to be a two-part series. It aired for 15 weeks on the Spanish television network Antena 3 between May 2nd and November 23rd of last year. Late in 2017, Netflix obtained worldwide streaming rights. Re-cut the series into 22 shorter episodes and distributed them internationally, commencing with the first part on December 20, 2017, followed by the second portion on April 6, 2018, respectively. The series was renewed by Netflix in April 2018 for an additional 16 episodes at a slightly increased budget.

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Money Heist Korea Season 2 Storyline

“The only thing that controls people is fear.” Money Heist: Korea appears to agree with Berlin at the end of the episode. The Professor’s number one rule is to keep the hostages safe, but Denver shoots Mi-seen on Berlin’s orders, leading the audience (and Young-min) to assume this. This cliffhanger makes it seem as if the resolution — and what it means for the humanity of our ensemble — will be as straightforward as it appears.

In this show, you won’t find a simple story with neat morals or a rehash of the stale argument that human beings are innately aggressive. The film wouldn’t have spent so much time portraying how devastated Denver and Rio are by the possibility of killing Mi-Seon or devoted empathetically driven flashbacks to demonstrate exactly how much anguish Berlin has suffered.

In this story, there aren’t any good guys versus bad guys. We learn how existing systems are set up to make us believe that violence is a natural part of human nature, rather than a technique employed to exploit workers and compel social conformity by capitalism and other systems. This episode may provide us with a glimpse into Berlin’s past, but it also sheds light on some of Denver’s current problems. The fact that Denver had a father who loved him, as well as a mother who abandoned him at an early age, gives us some comfort in knowing that at least one of his parents loved him.

In order to care for Mi-Seon, he scours the Unified Korea Mint for food before proudly giving them to her as if they were his own children. It’s a little outlandish. As one of the hostage-takers, he is concerned that the milk supplied to this woman may be too chilly for her frail and (perhaps) pregnant body. While this is distressing, it’s equally appealing and eerily human as the terror we’ve seen so far.

At some point in the episode, it becomes evident that Denver is at least somewhat motivated by a desire to secure the kind of ending for this (maybe) baby that he never had: one with a mother who is there for him.
‘Don’t despise me for this,’ Denver tells Mi-seon before he pulls the shot. Denver’s apology stands, even though I’m inclined to believe he didn’t kill her.

Apologies are warranted if he killed her. Apologies are still required, even if he didn’t lead anyone else to fear for their lives. Why? Because Mi-life seon would be permanently scarred if she survives the attack. At work the next day, instead of dealing with her boss/selfish lover (which, to be fair, sounds like a pretty cringe-inducing day), she found herself in the middle of a scary hostage situation.

Young-min chose to remain silent, firmly committed to his decision to blame Mi-seon for Denver’s death. It’s confirmation that Berlin’s system is working, after all. Young-lack min’s of self-confidence is evident to the audience (but also understandably scared).

Money Heist Korea Season 2 Casts And Characters

Money Heist Korea Season 2 Casts
Money Heist Korea Season 2 Casts

Jeon Jong-Seo

Rachel Jun, better known as Jeon Jong-Seo, is a South Korean actress and model. The South Korean thriller Burning, in which she played the lead character of Hae-mi, made her a household name. Her work in the suspense thriller The Call earned her the title of Best Actress at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Park Hae-soo

Park Hae-soo is an actress from South Korea. Squid Game and Prison Playbook are two of his most well-known credits. Additionally, he has appeared in films including By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture and Time to Hunt.

Lee Hyun-woo

Actor and singer Lee Hyun-woo hails from Seoul, South Korea. In the television series The Return of Iljimae and Queen Seondeok, he appeared as a nine-year-old child actor. Master of Study and To the Beautiful You both featured him.

Other Casts: Lee Si-woo, Yoo Ji-Tae

Money Heist Korea Season 2 Release Date

The release date for Money Heist: Korean Season 2 has not yet been announced. Because Netflix hasn’t yet renewed it. Many are wondering why Netflix hasn’t announced a second season of the show, because it’s doing so well. This could be due to the fact that the first season hasn’t been broadcast yet. As soon as the final six episodes are aired, we hope to hear the good news So, all we can do for the time being is wait!

Money Heist Korea Season 2 Trailer

In the teaser, it’s clear that the show is a faithful reproduction of the Spanish version of Money Heist, rebooting some of the most important characters and incidents from the original series.

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