Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Release Date, What About The New Features?

With Monster Hunter Rise comfortably spreadeagled across both Switch and PC, attention is turning to the acclaimed creature-previously pummeler’s announced big Sunbreak expansion – and with its “summer” release window creeping ever-closer, Capcom has revealed it’ll be offering a closer look at what’s coming next Tuesday, March 15th.

Sunbreak, which Capcom previously billed as a “new, scary chapter” for Monster Hunter Rise, would offer new creatures, new settings, new hunting activities, and a new, more demanding quest rating – very similar to Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion, albeit with a less icy tone.

However, other from those early hints (and a more recent release of a number of additional creatures, including the “ravenous beast” Lunagaron), Capcom has remained tight-lipped about what players can expect from Sunbreak when it launches this summer on PC and Switch.

Hopefully, that’s about to change, as the publisher has promised a developer livestream on Twitch next Tuesday, March 15th, at 2pm GMT/7am PDT, containing about 20 minutes of new material on the expansion, including “reveals of new monsters, gameplay information, and more.”

While Monster Hunter Rise fans wait for Sunbreak, Capcom keeps adding new features to the main game on a regular basis. Recently, it released two new quests in conjunction with Universal Studios Japan, as well as a set of “Defender” weapons for all 14 weapon kinds, the “Veteran’s Talisman,” and the “Black Belt” armour, all of which were designed to make it easier for newcomers to proceed through the game.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Release Date: When It Is Going To Be Out?

On March 15, Capcom will conduct a digital event for Monster Hunter Rise, presenting more of the upcoming Sunbreak DLC expansion. On March 15, at 7 a.m. PST / 10 a.m. EST / 2 p.m. GMT, Capcom’s Monster Hunter Twitch Channel will stream a 20-minute presentation. The event will offer a jam-packed schedule of programming featuring new monster announcements, gameplay details, and general information on Monster Hunter Rise’s huge Sunbreak expansion.

With fresh narratives, various places, and more monsters, as well as new hunting activities and quest ranks, the next expansion is expected to enhance the current edition in the popular action-hunting franchise. We’ve already seen a new Elgado outpost and a royal guy wielding a beautiful sword, which may be utilised against Malzeno, the new flagship monster.

Sunbreak will be released in Summer 2022 and will be a “massive expansion” to the original game. It will be released alongside three new amiibo figures: a rare Palamute “Canyne Malzeno X,” a Palico “Felyne Malzeno X,” and Malzeno himself. When utilised in Sunbreak, they each unlock a unique layered armour.

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak New Features

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will add additional features to the main game, similar to earlier expansions such as Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. For starters, it will include Master Rank assignments, which are more difficult than High Rank objectives. Players that complete Master Rank tasks will receive new weapons and armour sets that are more powerful than the High Rank counterparts, as well as new designs to match their might.

There will be new places to visit and personalities to interact with, as well as a new base of operations to visit. A ruined fortress that Malzeno calls home is one of the newly confirmed maps.

The Rampage was a quest type in Monster Hunter Rise where you defended the gates of Kamura town from waves of monsters in tower defense-style challenges. There is currently no word on whether or not these Rampage Quests will return, or whether Sunbreak will replace them with a different style of quest entirely.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will have all of the monsters from the previous game, as well as some new ones and fan favourites. Sunbreak’s new monsters are more related to creatures from European folklore than Rise’s, which were influenced by ancient Japanese ykai.

For example, Malzeno, Sunbreak’s most famous monster, appears to be inspired by vampires. In the first teaser trailer, it is seen biting the neck of a Rathalos, living in a dilapidated castle and only coming out at night. Lunagaron, the second new monster, is a dog-like Fanged Wyvern that, like a werewolf, transforms into a wolf-like creature when exposed to the full moon’s light.

So far, the Shogun Ceanataur is the only returning monster that has been confirmed. This is a giant crab monster from Monster Hunter 2 on the PlayStation 2. It employs razor-sharp claws to attack its prey, and it occasionally uses the skulls of other monsters as a shell, such as a Gravios.

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Is multiplayer going to be included in Sunbreak?

You can play with your friends online in four-player co-op, just like you can in the base game. Village Quests and Hub Quests are two types of quests in Monster Hunter Rise. Village Quests are solo quests that operate as part of the game’s storey mode but are only available offline. Hub Quests, on the other hand, are where you can play with your friends online, but they may also be played alone and offline.

Hub Quests scale in difficulty according to the number of players present during a hunt. When there are two players in a quest, for example, the monster has more health than when there is only one player. In multiplayer hunts, Monster Hunter Rise allows players to bring along an NPC ally. A Palamute, a large dog that can speed up your travels, or a Palico, a humanoid cat that can set traps or heal your crew.


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