Multiple Police Visits to Gunman’s House Before School Shooting Revealed

New information has come to light regarding the shooter who opened fire at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School on Monday. Officials from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police and local authorities provided an update on the incident on Wednesday. Despite some early internet rumors, according to interim police chief Michael Sack, there was only one shooter in the incident.

There will only be one shooter in this incident, and that gunman is dead, according to our analysis, stated Sack. The family of the suspect, Orlando Harris, has also helped the police with their investigation. According to police, his family is saddened that two people have died and seven others have been hurt as a result of his mental health issues.

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The detectives who spoke with the mother gave me the impression that they had done everything they could, but sometimes that was insufficient, said Sack. Police were informed by Harris’s family that they frequently sought mental health therapy for him, gave him medication, and even kept an eye on his mail and locations while he battled mental illness.

Sack claims that the gunman’s family was aware that he had at some point purchased a weapon. While he was unable to provide a precise date, Sack said it happened within the previous several months when police collaborated with the family to get the weapon off of him. Sack explained, “What they did was they got in touch with us and claimed that guy had a gun.”

This gun might have been the cause. In response, the police handed it over to a different person—a grownup who was legally entitled to retain it. They made it possible for this other party to have it since the mother at the time wanted it out of the house. After that, we are not sure how he got it. That is what we are investigating.

The weapon taken from Harris was the same one used in the shooting on Monday, according to police. How he obtained the rifle back is still a mystery as of this writing. In a press release on Wednesday, police claimed that the shooter legally owned the firearm.

According to police records analyzed by News 4, two days prior to the tragedy at Central VPA on October 15, policemen were called to the shooter’s home for a “domestic disturbance.” Police, however, never submitted a report. News 4 inquired as to the reason, but we have not received a response. Even so, the cops had been summoned to his house before.

Police records reveal that at least six calls to the shooter’s home were made in total. It happened twice in July of last year, once for an accident and once for a suicide attempt. For either call, there are no police reports. Three times in the previous year, the police were summoned to the residence, one of which involved a weapon. The Crisis Response Unit received yet another call.

The family seemed to have done everything they could have to help this young man deal with his mental health issues, according to Sack. “Mental health is a dreadful thing, and we can’t anticipate what will happen,” added Sack. The ATF is attempting to trace the serial number of the gun used in the shooting from the manufacturer to the original sale, according to the police, who stated they have given them the information.

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