NASA Says Another Large Asteroid Is Approaching Earth


The entire cosmos is made up of unidentified rocks. These items range in danger from the dangerous to the not so harmful. However, NASA also informs us of events taking place on our planet. Another enormous rock is expected to rapidly approach Earth in the next week, according to a warning from the space agency.The enormous meteorite known as the “Monster Planet Killer” is predicted to approach Earth rather closely in the near future.

This enormous meteorite, 2013 BO76, has the potential to completely destroy Earth if it impacts any portion of the globe. Scientists predict that the massive meteorite will likely come very near Earth’s orbit on March 24. Scientists will continue to be cautious even though their predictions indicate that Earth won’t be harmed this time. This is so that a collision won’t occur due to Earth’s gravity.

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The meteorite was first discovered on January 17, 2013, which was almost nine years ago. When the 2013 BO76, which was captured on camera on March 7, 2013, was at that time, NASA issued warnings. Its distance from Earth was thought to be close to 15 million miles.

On March 24, a meteorite of 500 to 600 feet is predicted to pass close to Earth. NASA experts estimate that the meteorite will be three miles away from Earth on March 24, when it will be closest. NASA researchers continuously track the meteorite in light of the potential damage. If you’re interested in viewing this meteor, you can do so at 10 p.m. on March 24 at the Virtual Telescope Project.

biggest danger to Earth

While asteroids frequently approach Earth, one particular asteroid is currently the biggest hazard. In a few centuries, an asteroid known as “Bennu” is predicted to come rather close to Earth. The asteroid may come closest to Earth on September 24, 2182, according to astronomers. At that time, our planet will have a 1-in-2700 probability of being hit.


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