National Hurricane Center Keeping Close Eye On 3 Systems Off Southeast Coast


The National Hurricane Center is keeping a close eye on another new system off the southeast coast of Florida. There are a total of three systems that have a slim chance of forming into the next tropical storm, a media report said.

Three Eyes

The first is located about 75 miles from Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, and has only a 10% chance of forming over the next two to five days, Sun Sentinel reported.

Dry air and strong upper-level winds are expected to prevent any further development of this system, but heavy rainfall and gusty winds are still possible over portions of the North Caroling Outer Banks in Carolina, through Monday.

The second eye located around 500 miles east-southeast of the Windward Islands is producing cloudiness and thunderstorms. The NHC said it has a 20% chance of forming in the next two days and a 30% chance of forming in the next five days. The system is moving west-northwestward at about 15 mph.

The third system is a tropical wave located over the eastern Caribbean Sea, off the southeast coast of Florida, producing a large area of disorganized cloudiness and showers over portions of the Leeward Islands, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, Orlando Sentinel reported.

The NHC says there is a 10% chance of forming over the two days and a 20% chance in the next five days.

Tropical Storm Wanda

Now, if any of the three storms form into a system, then it would be named Tropical Storm Wanda, the last name in the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season alphabet.

Ravaged Florida coast by Hurricane Michael in 2018.
Ravaged Florida coast by Hurricane Michael in 2018. Image Credit – Twitter

However, it is, too, early to know where the system could move, anywhere. Initial projections suggest that if the system forms, it will follow the path of many others this year as it curves away from the United States mainland.

The National Hurricane Center is calling the wave “Vigorous.”

In October 2018, Florida was ravaged by Hurricane Michael. This hurricane, the strongest landfalling storm to hit the Florida panhandle on record, made landfall near Tyndall Air Force Base as a powerful Category 5 hurricane. It was also one of four category 5 hurricanes to strike the United States on record.

The powerful storm had 161 mph winds at landfall and caused nearly $25 billion in damage. There were dozens of fatalities and Mexico Beach was one of the hardest-hit areas by Michael in 2018.



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