Nelk Boys Net Worth: How Rich Are The Canadian Pranksters?

In addition to the Nelk Boys moniker, the Nelk YouTube channel and production company also goes by the initials NELK. Prank videos, vlogs, and the Full Send Entertainment brand have made them famous. Founders Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani have been dubbed “two of the most identifiable characters for young people in North America.” In addition to pranks, Nelk’s videos are based on college culture in North America. The group’s films are a mix of vlogs and footage of their actual pranks, which they post on YouTube.

After trademarking the slang word “Full Send,” which Forgeard described as “whatever activity you undertake, giving it your utmost best,” Nelk is notable for popularising the concept and trademarking it. The term “Rona Season,” which refers to the group’s continual intake of Corona beer, has also been popularised by the group. According to Sebastiani, “Canadian-influenced lingo” is what the group is known for.

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Nelk Boys’ Early Life

Nelk Boys launched their YouTube channel on July 6, 2010, with the help of Kyle Forgeard, Marko Martinovic, Lucas Gasparini, and Niko, along with three other partners. First met Jesse Sebastiani, a YouTuber who was running a self-published documentary called Saved by the Status after working with Kyle for four years. After the departure of аrtnоvс town members, Niko and Marko in 2015, Jesse Sebastiani and Luса Gараrn joined this production firm right away.

Syle Foregеаrd is a renowned Canadian content developer who rose to prominence as a co-founder of the entertainment firm NELK, which he co-founded. In Mississauga, Ontario, Kyle was born to Rick and Gayle on July 12, 1994. Throughout his childhood and college years, he was always looking forward to having a good time and hanging out with his closest friends. Besides that, Kyle appeared in films like асk Vаlе Films and ntеrnеt соn. He started his own firm, NL, shortly after graduating to pursue his lifelong passion for making people laugh.

In Great Sudbury, Saxony, on November 30, 1995, there was a new member of the band: Luса Gараrni. He shared Kyle’s desire to have a good time, just like his other co-worker. When he was in high school, he started playing pranks with his pals. NL prankster Jesse Sebastiani is also an actor, social media sensation, YouTube star, and Canadian-based social media figure. rаngеvILLE, ntаrо, Canada, was the place of Sebastiani’s birth on June 27, 1993. He was instrumental in the NELK’s success by making the funniest pranks on people.

Nelk Boys’ Personal Life

Nelk Boys
Nelk Boys

In September 2020, NELK sponsored a flash mob on campus at the University of Illinois State during COVID-19, which resulted in a lot of controversy and trouble. Nelk was the subject of a police inquiry when a large crowd gathered in breach of COVID-19 laws. While they were demonetized, they endured a lot of hardships in their personal lives.

Later, the crew was seen gathering around 1,500 people and renting out a New Jersey property from NELK. The police in Seaside Heights recognized them and broke up the gathering, which resulted in the landlord kicking the Nelk guys out of the apartment and 8 fans being detained.

Nelk Boys’ Net Worth

Channel Name Nelk Boys
Members Names Kyle, Jesse, and Lucas
Net Worth 2022 $5 Million
Formed 2010
Location Newport Beach, California
Profession Online Entertainment
Members 3
Subscribers 7.35 million

According to Forbes as of 2022, Nelk Boys is one of the most popular YouTube channels and entertainment organizations in the world. The Nelk Boys have built a large following in the last five years that no prank channel has ever achieved. Prank films and videos on their YouTube channel, NELK, made them a YouTube sensation in Canada in 2010 when the firm was launched.

Prank movies like “coke on cops” helped launch the entertainment company, which has since grown into a well-known brand. Nelk would become a household name in both the media and business spheres. Style Foregard, Sebastien’s Sebastiaans, and Lucas Gásparins founded the organization Nelk in 2011 and began working on YouTube with their American videography production company.

The Boys have also launched a podcast, Full Send, which has taken them to new heights and made them more than just a prank channel. Even Jimmy Gambles and his late-night show appear to be getting in on the action. The net worth of the Nelk Boys, including their wages, revenue sources, biographies, lifestyle, and how they began their profession, will be discussed in a matter of minutes.

Nelk Boys’ Career

NELK Boys’ career took off in January 2015 after they posted a video titled Coke Prank on Cops which quickly went viral. A video of them fooling police officers into thinking they had coke in the trunk of their car brought them to the attention of the public. They thought the coke was cocaine, but it was actually Coca-Cola that they were ordered to say. As of now, the prank video has more than 48 million views on YouTube, making it the channel’s second most popular video.

When the Los Angeles Police Department dropped a sign warning the public that the prank was banned, they found themselves in hot water. Stephen Deleonardis, Kyle’s new partner, joined the group in May 2019 as the duo gained more attention on social media. When Kyle saw Stephen Deleonardis’ smoking and drinking challenge and prank videos, he was inspired to join the team because of his goal of making his organization one of the most recognizable brands. Each year, the Nelk grew in size, and the two newest members, Salim Sirur and his cousin Jay joined in February 2020.

Nelk Boys’ Business Empire

As with many other YouTubers, their primary source of income was Google Adsense between 2014 and 2015. An estimated $60,000 a year or $5,000 a month was what they were making at the time. In addition to the Adpocalypse that occurred in 2017, their pranks went beyond what YouTube would like to be associated with. They conducted a prank on YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, California. Advertisers began to remove the ability to monetize channels that they found offensive. NELK was one of the first publishers to be hit by the new restrictions, which resulted in the removal of all of their AdSense revenue.

A clothing line, Full Send, was launched after receiving a lot of attention and rapidly became a success. Following on from their initial success, Jesse and Kyle began releasing limited edition merchandise on a seasonal and/or monthly basis, all of which was quickly snapped up, often in just an hour. As a result of their limited-edition designs, their clothing line was sought after and expensive. A close friend of NELK Boys and Logan Paul’s business associate or co-host, Mike Majlak, said that NELK Boys earns close to $4 million per drop, a total of over $48 million in a year.

Additionally, the group was able to expand its brand recognition outside YouTube. On Instagram, they set up many pages under the name of their company and racked up a total following of more than 25 million people. John Shahidi was named President of Full Send Entertainment and Nelk by Inc. in November 2020, the team revealed. In 2021, Jesse Sebastiani rejoined the club after having left in 2017. However, he is not a part of Nelk’s primary videos, but he was working on prank videos.

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